Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fitness Info Marketing

Let me tell you a story…

About a year or so ago I was at an internet marketing seminar in San Diego

when things got really weird for me, real quick.

I was there with Chris McCombs, and we were there because the dude putting on the seminar wanted us to show the trailer to the documentary film we’re making “Add To Cart” – it’s all about the sub culture of internet marketing.

Anyway, during one of the breaks things got really weird when Chris said to me: Hey, isn’t that the guy who’s been stalking you, call your office, and email your staff like crazy?”

I look up, and there he was…

We get a ton of calls and emails at the HQ each week from people who want to “go into business” with me, or want me to endorse or promote their product, which is really code for wanting to exploit my list…

…and for that we’ve set up a weeding out process (in addition to my three super assistants to ruthlessly guard my time) that weeds out tire kickers and value extractors.

I call it the “Bedros consideration fee” you can see it here and it’s the best thing I’ve found to repel tire kickers and non action takers.

But from time to time I get the occasional weirdo who gets passed the gatekeepers and consideration fee and shows up to my office unannounced or to an event that I’m at and thinks for some reason creeping me out is the best way to get me to endorse their product.

This was one of those times.

I’ve got thousands of fitness pros on my list and 99.9% are super cool and awesome to hang out with.

But there are the occasional weirdos that somehow manage to take things to a whole new level of creepiness. It’s part of the gig I guess and makes for a good story to tell at a party.

Now, after reading this little story if you’re still interested in getting into fitness info marketing then I’ve got the Seven Core Tips to help you create, market, dominate and profit with your fitness info products.


1. Don’t chase the money, chase your passion. The number one mistake I see most fitness pros make is that they choose a product idea because they feel there’s a ton of money in the niche when really you should be choosing an idea or niche because you’re super passionate about it and it’s your calling.

2. Another big mistake almost all trainers make in information marketing is they get too general. Info marketing is about deep and narrow. There are already a ton of “train at home” fitness and fat loss info products out there.

Here’s the secondary conversation your prospect is having in their head…
What makes your product so different than P90X?

Why should I buy your product instead?

How is your product targeted to me or for my specific problem?

Unless you can address these objections, you’re not gonna sell much of anything.

3. The money is in the list. It’s not about building a better mousetrap. It’s about having a big (targeted) list to sell too. Learn to build a list and lead generate.

4. Even the best fitness info product can’t sell itself. You gotta know how to sell in print, in person, on the phone, on webinars, off the stage, and websites if you really want the big paydays.

5. Forget about the details and focus on the end result. Way too many fitness pros get caught up in the details of how’s and what’s. How should I package my product? Should it be a DVD, downloadable, membership site, ebook, remote coaching…..?

And which shopping cart should I use? Should I put my stuff on clickbank? What email and autoresponder system should I get?
Who cares!

Obsessing about the details is the number one stall tactic I’ve seen. Just get your product out, help as many people as you can who really need your information and then fine tune your product and systems as you go.

6. Find affiliates and pay them well. Don’t be cheap. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people get excited about landing a solid affiliate who’s got a big list and solid credibility and then they totally kill the deal by offering 30% commission.

Look, if someone brings you free traffic and sales isn’t it worth giving them at least 50% commission? And why not 75% commission or even 100% commission?

Think about it. You’re the little guy. The affiliate is giving you free traffic, money, and helping you build your list so you can turn around and sell other     people’s products and YOU can make the bigger commissions.  Why would you be cheap and turn all that down A-N-D burn a bridge with an affiliate?

7. Social proof sells. Back your entire product and sales message up with social proof. I’m not talking about one or two testimonials, either.

I’m talking about an overwhelming amount (scientifically known as a shit ton) of testimonials, before and after pictures, expert reviews, and videos of peeps raving about you and your product.

There are a bunch of other tips I can add to this list. But for me, and for many of my coaching clients these are the core tips that have created the biggest breakthroughs.

I’d like to know what you think. Drop me a comment below.