Do you have a product that you want Bedros to promote or endorse? Or do you have a business idea that you want to partner with Bedros on?

Bedros is super busy creating and managing multiple businesses and finding new ways for fitness professionals to get more clients, money, and freedom… and he prefers to dedicate his time to his family, customers, and coaching clients.

With that in mind he still gets over a dozen offers each week from people who want to partner with him in some form or another, so rather than turning everyone away without giving an opportunity we’ve created a system to streamline the process and weed out the tire kickers and the ‘maybe’ entrepreneurs.

Introducing the “Bedros Consideration Fee”. Here’s how it works…

If you want to partner with Bedros and you think you have a product that’s totally unique, a perfect fit for our market, and would add tremendous value to the lives and businesses of our customers and clients. Then this is the simple three step process you will want to follow to get your product, idea, business or venture opportunity considered by Bedros.

STEP 1. Call our office at (888) 638-3222 Ext. 123 let us know that you want to pay the $15,000 consideration fee to have Bedros consider your product, offer, or proposal.

STEP 2. Upon payment in full, i will give you the information you need to get your product, idea or offer (the more concise, organized, and ready-to-sell the better) to Bedros.

STEP 3. Allow 30 days for Bedros to review and consider your offer. You should know that paying the $15,000 does NOT guarantee that Bedros will take or agree to the offer. And the $15,000 is NOT refundable – whether he promotes or partners with you or chooses not to do business with you, your consideration fee will be donated to Shriners Hospitals For Children – Bedros’ charity of choice. If Bedros decides to accept your offer, we’ll contact you and let you know what the next step is.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTION for the consideration fee. I know you think your idea, offer, proposal or affiliate program is different. And we’re sure it is… but never the less we ask that you please be courteous of Bedros’ time and position and respect this policy.

Thank you