From Overworked Trainer to Fitness Information Product Marketer – Pat Beith Reveals His Strategy

interviewYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about Pat Beith lately, the man behind the launch of Sports Camp Empire . He’s the guy that went from being an over worked trainer on the verge of burnout to creating a thriving fitness info product empire.

Just yesterday I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Pat where he revealed how he went from overworked trainer in 2004 to running profitable speed camps in 2005 to creating a massive online information product marketing empire where a $20,000 month is now considered a BAD month.

In the interview I got Pat to reveal everything…

  • How he came upon speed camps and why they’re so profitable
  • How he created his first fitness info product
  • The big mistake he made when picking his niche
  • How he positions his websites to make maximum sales
  • How to create HIGH VALUE digital products
  • The actual software, plug-ins, and technology he uses to deliver his digital products
  • The biggest weakness in his business and how he’s fixing it
  • How to pick the right education to further your business
  • His system for using VIDEO and COPY to sell products
  • How to leverage online marketing to drive maximum traffic
  • And so much more…

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