Don’t Launch an Info Product Until You Read This

If you currently sell an ebook or another fitness info product online or are in the process of creating an info product for online sales then you’ll want to read this.

I spent about 30 minutes on the phone this afternoon with a personal trainer who is starting out with his first online info product. His sales up to this point were poor. In fact, he has yet to sell a single copy.

Now rather than scrapping the whole thing and only relying on one single source of income he decided to ask for help – and that’s how we ended up on the phone today.

I shared several things with him that will no doubt get his product to sell. And since I think this is something all entrepreneurial minded fitness professionals should know, I thought I would share with you the top three things I shared with him.

Here are three things to do before you ever put your fitness info product up for sale online.

1. Create a back-end. Yes, the backend is where the real fortune is found. Sure selling a $47 ebook is fun and it may even give you some extra spending money, but unless you can sell fifty or more ebooks per month you’re never going to generate anything substantial.

Want an example of a strong backend? Let’s look at Tom Venuto’s ebook: “Burn-The-Fat. Odds are he doesn’t make a killing on his ebook. After all he’s got affiliates and click bank to pay. But his real profit center is his monthly “inner circle” membership site. Think of the thousands of people who now know, like, and trust Tom because of his ebook. How many of them are willing to pay $10/month to gain access to his inner circle?

2. Specialize. The personal trainer I spoke with this afternoon did not have a target niche in mind when he created his ebook. Therefore he had no idea where to find his customers. Fitness and weight-loss is not a niche. Fitness  for 40-plus stay-at-home moms is a niche.

Unless you can be the expert to a niche demographic you’re going to have a hard time finding customers. And unless people know that you specialize in exactly what they want, they’ll never buy from you.

3.  How big is your list? That’s what I asked the trainer on the phone. I wasn’t surprised when he said he has no list or database of past and present clients and prospects. He’s been in the industry for seven years and has no list.

Just imagine if he only got 100 people a year on his newsletter list over the last seven years – that’s 700 prospects for his new ebook. Think a certain percentage of his list would have purchased his ebook on the spot, the day it was released? And how many of those would have converted to his higher priced backend offer?


I have no doubt this trainer is going to write back in a couple of months and tell me all about his new found success. I could tell in talking to him that he’s a motivated man of action.

I’ll keep you posted on his success.