I Found a New Secret Weapon

I found a NEW secret weapon

I’m always searching for easier, faster, and less expensive ways to get new clients.

Both for my business and yours.

Recently someone I met at my 2007 Fitness Business Summit came to me with a new client getting system that blew me away.

His name is Chris McCombs.

I thought I’d test him out to see if he really knows what he’s talking about.

Since Chris lives local to me I asked him to come to my place and give me some tips to prove to me that this stuff works.

Well, a couple of weeks ago he came over, we popped open my laptop and he showed me a few tricks and within a few days two of my sites were getting more traffic.

Then I heard he helped my buddy Steve Hochman out in Irvine make a few changes to his website and within six days he had doubled his traffic by ranking in several top positions on Google’s first page for his keywords.

I asked Chris to do me a personal favor and work with one of my top mentorship clients Saman Bakhtiar and BANG his personal training site and blog started getting more qualified traffic.

In fact Chris has worked with a small handful of personal trainers who have sought him out and all of their websites rank super high on Google.

Just Google “Spokane personal training” and you’ll see how Chris taught Zach Hunt how to virtually own every spot on Google’s first page.

I’ve officially dubbed Chris the ‘fitness internet guru’ and I’m turning all of my mentorship clients on to him so they can dominate their markets. (He’s not going to like hearing that)

The thing is Chris hates being in the lime light.  But there’s no way I can let information like this go unheard.

After all I’m the guys who delivers more valuable client getting strategies for free then others with the products they charge for.

So in that spirit I’ve talked Chris into making a series of videos for my clients and subscribers.

Oh, and it costs you nothing.

Check out his first video here: http://www.FitnessInternetGuru.com