Creating an All Star Team Environment In Your Gym (Feat. Lewis Howes)

Bedros Keuilian: If you want to build a high-performance team, they have to get behind a mission, and that mission has to be part of your vision. And the vision must have a deadline, otherwise it’s just a dream.

Lewis Howes: So you hire for a certain potential that could be all-star. You never know until they really show up, and how they perform, but you can see the potential when you hire them, and then you train and develop.

Bedros Keuilian: Train and develop.

Lewis Howes: As long as the environment is at an all-star level, they’re typically going to rise to that occasion, which is what I’m hearing.

Bedros Keuilian: Yes.

Lewis Howes: Or they’re going to leave.

Bedros Keuilian: Yeah. Yeah, and I’ve had both happen. I’d either fire them, or they would come down to the lowest denominator of energy, or they would leave.

Lewis Howes: So how do you start to lead yourself then, and how do you know what to look for when you think, “Well, everything’s working out, I’m making money, I’m growing this, I’ve got a lot of friends,” how do you know what you should be fixing?

Bedros Keuilian: Really good question. The way you know what you should be fixing, or you lead yourself, is simply by having clarity of vision.

Bedros Keuilian: I didn’t have clarity of vision. Lewis, in 2011, 2012, if you asked me, “Bedros, how many Fit Body locations do you want,” I would say, “A lot.” And if you said, “By when?” I would say, “As soon as possible.”

Lewis Howes: Right. That’s not a clear vision.

Bedros Keuilian: That’s not a clear vision. That’s as fuzzy as it gets. And so as I got clear on my vision, I realized, gosh, I want 2500 locations by the year 2023, so that we can impact five million lives a day.
Lewis Howes: Wow.

Bedros Keuilian: Those are the metrics, right?

Lewis Howes: Because what, a hundred people a day come through, or what’s…

Bedros Keuilian: So, if each location had 500 clients, and each client impacted two people in their lives, which is the metrics that we have right now, right, and we have 2500 locations, that’s five million people a day that we would be impacting through health and fitness.

Bedros Keuilian: When the chips were down, everything, all else fails… I’m a personal trainer at heart. So I still go after impact first, income second. As it turns out, if you just focus on impact, the income chases it. Income will always chase impact. On the flip side, you try and make income, you’ll never reach your fullest potential, because you don’t know what that is.

Lewis Howes: And you’ll feel empty a lot.

Bedros Keuilian: Yeah.

Lewis Howes: I know so many people, you know, Tim Sykes is a buddy of mine, is a good example. He was making so much money trading stocks, penny stocks, right. And he felt empty inside. He was making millions, you know, he was successful, all these things, but then when he got into the, how can I give back with charity, how can I use my money for good? And now he’s building a whole foundation and giving back to multiple charities all around the world. He wants to do that full time. Just the impact, essentially.

Lewis Howes: And I think that’s when we need to really realize something, a lot of us chase something early on that we think we want. We talked about that and masculinity, I’m sure you talk about it in Man Up as well, we chase something we think we need, but what we really need to be focusing on is the impact and the other thing will chase it, like you said.

Bedros Keuilian: Yeah. And here’s the other benefit of that too, is that if I tell my team, “Guys, we’re going to build a hundred million dollar company. Go. Make me a lot of money.” Okay, well what’s in it for me?

Bedros Keuilian: The human soul needs some kind of significance. Like once… It’s been proven over and over again, and IBM did a study in the mid-90s, that when a person’s financial needs are met, so just, you know, housing, and self-care, etc., their greater need is recognition, significance. Right? And so that’s impact.

Bedros Keuilian: And so it’s easier to get a team excited behind a goal of, imagine this when we have 2500 locations by the year 2023, every morning we’ll be helping five million people worldwide through health, fitness, and a positive mindset, because Fit Body Boot Camp focuses on all three, right. And so, they can get on board with that, like the number of people that they’re impacting.

Bedros Keuilian: Whether you’re a web developer, a camera guy, a traffic buyer. Like, “Hey guys, help me make more money,” why does that change anything in my life?
Lewis Howes: Right.

Bedros Keuilian: Right. So if you want to build a high-performance team, they have to get behind the mission, and that mission has to be part of your vision. And the vision must have a deadline, otherwise it’s just a dream.