How to Build Confidence as a Fitness Entrepreneur

Go get a small win. That’ll build your confidence , small wins stacked on top of each other build confidence.

Over the years I’ve coached and consulted now over 1,800 entrepreneurs, and it’s never about their business. It always starts with their personal life, self-discipline, the foundation, and then we go into their business about marketing, selling, etc.

Everyone who comes to me as a business coach consultant says; hey, help me fix my business. Well, I start with the other areas that matter most: the family, the self-discipline, the morning routines. You can very quickly see their lack of confidence.

For example, when you tell someone, “Hey, I want you to spend (X) amount of dollars on YouTube or Facebook or Google to buy traffic,” and they don’t have the confidence to, it’s not because of any other reason other than they’ve broken promises to themselves, and they believe that they’re going to break another promise.

When I was writing my book “Man Up”… now look, I’ve built successful businesses, but I’ve never written a book. In the process of writing the book, I would hit these massive writer’s block. I would get frustrated. I would start judging myself.

What if people don’t like this chapter, or this paragraph, or this story that I’m telling? What if the book never makes it? What if I look like a fool when the book is done?

All of a sudden I stopped typing on my MacBook , like man, I just hit this roadblock. Instead of beating myself up, I learned to ask myself: what would I tell one of my coaching clients?

Well, I’d say, go get a win. So I asked myself, “what are you good at”? Maybe I’m not good at writing a book right now, but shut your MacBook down and go to the garage, grab the kettlebell, do 20 kettlebell swings, run up your driveway and then come back down and repeat it 20 more times. Because hey, I’m a personal trainer, I could work out in my sleep.

And so I would go get a small win by doing a thing that I’m good at (because I have really good form with kettlebell swing). Now I don’t care if it’s kettlebell swings. I don’t care if someone’s an artist trying to transition into being a VP of a company. If you don’t know how to be a VP, but you know how to still draw a really beautiful picture, go draw something.

Go get a small win. That’ll build your confidence. Small wins stacked on top of each other build confidence. It’s no coincidence that I would come back from the gym or from my garage after about 20 minutes, sweaty, happy, confident because I did something. I got a win. And all of a sudden the juices were flowing and I was able to write the book. The secret is stacking wins if you want to build self-confidence.