How to Triple Your Fitness Boot Camp Revenue

When’s the last time you took a hard look at your fitness boot camp business?

One good look at your business — what you can change in your marketing, where you can improve your sales, etc — could triple your revenue without diminishing the profits you keep.

Today I’m going to shine light on what you can change in your fitness boot camp business to multiply your revenue, take home higher profits, and grow your income.


(Slowly) Increase Clients Per Session

How many clients attend each of your sessions?

Let’s say you’re running 30-minute sessions right now. Each one of your sessions hosts 4-5 clients. Not bad, right?

Can you increase that and cap it off at six?

I think you can do a great job training six clients per session. In fact, I know you can. It’s not going to diminish the quality of service, I promise you that. I’ve done that with plenty of my clients who do small group training. We’ve been able to expand all the way to six and the service is still awesome.

After six, it might get a little rough until you get really badass at running boot camps. Remember, you never want to devalue your clients’ experience just to squeeze in a couple extra clients. Slowly increase the number of clients you coach per session as you rack up more personal training experience

Slowly scale and you’ll be able to offer your signature stellar service to more and more clients per session.


Close Easily, Raise Your Prices

How much are you charging per average client? How much should you be charging?

First, you need to figure out what your closing percentage is. In other words, for every 10 people who sit across from you who might be qualified to become paying clients, what percentage actually convert and buy from you?

Let’s say you’re an expert closer — you close 9 out of 10 leads that walk through your doors. That’s a strong closing rate.  It’s a sign that you’re ready to up your game and cash in on higher revenue per client.

So what’s next? Raise your prices by 33%. Your closing percentage might go down, but within a few weeks, your confidence is going to build back up again, and you’re going to be able to sell your training at a higher price.

If your closing percentage is lower than 80%, then you shouldn’t even think about raising your prices. Instead, dial in your sales skills until your closing process works like clockwork and your closing rate increases to at least 80%.

What about your current clients? You’re probably going to have a difficult raising your prices on your current clients, so I don’t recommend raising the prices on them, unless you’re willing to lose a few to gain some new ones at a higher price point.

I believe in being loyal. I’ve got Mastermind clients who are paying under $1000 a month, because they’ve stuck with me for years. Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham might say something different, but it doesn’t matter what they say, because it’s how I want to service my clients.

Just keep servicing them. I would say, “Hey, I just want to let you guys know that our prices are going up for new members, but because you guys believe in me, and because I think we have a family and a special tribe here, I’m leaving your price where it’s at.”

That creates a sense of retention. They know that if they were to leave and come back, they’d pay a third more, so they won’t even think twice about leaving you, right?


Package Meal Plans

Ever thought about charging for meal plans?

There’s a massive need for meal plans out there. So many people have no idea what they’re putting in their bodies or how to eat healthy, yet they’re also too lazy to figure it out themselves. Why not deliver them a meal plan that tells them exactly what to eat and when to eat it?

Here’s how you package it: I would say, “Look, I’ve got a meal plan that’s going to get you faster results. Let me give you your first two weeks at 50% off. You’re just going to read it and eat it. If you like it, you want to stick with it, simply do nothing and it’s going to be X dollars per month more.”

So, if it was going to be $99 a month, then their first two weeks would be $25, right? Because 50% and 50%.

So, you just want them to try out your meal plans, because if they’re that good, and if your meal planning skills/resources work and you support them in the first two weeks, they’re going to get hooked on it. They’re going to pay $99 more and you’re just going to keep pumping out nutrition plans for them every four weeks, six weeks — however long they need to be.

The bottom line is that your business is practically begging you to take the money that’s sitting on the table. Take action and watch your business grow with every positive change you make, whether it’s adding members to your boot camp sessions, pushing your closing skills, or developing meal plans that get results.


Committed to your success,