The American Dream Is Not Dead

People think the American Dream is dead. In fact, I read a study just early last year that said 74% of Americans believe that the American Dream is dead.

And then, the article went on to define the American Dream. You go to college, you get your degree, either a four year or an MBA, you get into this business, you stay there for 25, 35 years, and you come out of there with a pension and a retirement fund and a gold Rolex.

Fuckin’ A, that’s not the American Dream.

The American Dream is now available to more people than ever before.

Here’s why.


What American Dream Is Really About

The barrier to entry to the American Dream has never been lower than today. It is not about retiring from a company after 30 fucking years of service, only to have that company say, “Sorry, we’re not gonna give you the pension plan and the retirement fund that we thought we could because we overestimated things back then.”

The American Dream is about you taking control of your own life, of your own destiny, and doing something with it.

It’s also about building a massive amount of wealth.

“Bedros, doesn’t that just make you money hungry?”

Sure. You know why? Because at the end of the day, I’ve gotta take care of my kids.

I’ve gotta take care of the charities that I see value in.

I’ve gotta make sure that my parents and my wife’s parents are buried.

We don’t wanna think that they might end up in a sick home or in the hospital, but what if they do? “Oh, well I didn’t account for that, so I didn’t make that kind of money.” Bullshit. Go make that kind of money so, God forbid, your parents or her parents end up in a hospital or early grave, you can take care of everything.

There’s nothing more empowering than being able to solve problems with money. As I always say, money is a vehicle to freedom.


Free Resources Are at Your Fingertips

If anybody reading this has a solution to a problem and they wanna sell it to the masses in the world, they no longer have to go to ABC, NBC, or the cable network channels to buy air time. You could literally start creating “how to” videos on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram.

You can start building a tribe of prospects through these “how to” videos. Then you can go to PayPal and create a free shopping cart, then go to WordPress and create a free web site. You can even convert a word doc into a PDF or record a series of videos using your iPhone.

I mean, you can even link up with someone through GoFundMe and raise the capital to create a product or service that the world needs.


Start NOW

There’s no excuse. You CAN cash in on the American Dream and secure your family’s future.

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Committed to your success,