How to Pitch and Sell Your Business Idea

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for your business. Now, how do you pitch it?

Listen. It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching a commercial or if you’re pitching a boardroom. If you’ve got a great idea, it doesn’t just stop there.

Your idea doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you what does matter in just one second.


How People Miss the Mark When They Pitch

Most people who sit in front of a camera to pitch an idea, or who sit in front a boardroom to pitch a business idea, go about it all wrong. They always talk about the numbers, the metrics, the competition, and how much opportunity of growth they have.

That’s all good and great and the bottom line is that it does matter.

But that’s not gonna get me out of my seat and my dollars out of my pocket.

But you know what does matter more?


You Need Passion to Pitch

Passion and enthusiasm. Those are the only things that matter when someone is pitching me on a new business idea and I decide if I’m gonna go all in with my business and my money and my time.

No matter what it is you’re pitching, you have to bring the thunder with passion and enthusiasm. But why do you wanna do this?

It’s because nobody is buying your idea. They’re buying the person behind it.

Think about it. You came up with the idea? Well, that’s fantastic. But at the end of the day, they’re not investing in your idea, they’re investing in you and what you bring.


You Have to Be Resilient

You have to have the passion and the enthusiasm to go through this shit when the going gets tough. And whether you’re launching a brand new business or you’re taking an existing business to a whole new level, let me tell you, things are going to get tough.

That’s what I look for. Will you be able to handle the ups and downs? Are you the type of person I look forward to working with?

And please—know the value of what you’re selling.

Pitching is another form of selling. You’re selling your team members are an idea that you believe in, that you think can change the game for your business. Be ready for any questions or pushback you may get.

And whether you’re pitching to investors, customers, prospects, buyers, or your audience, they know that they are investing in you and not the product or idea behind it. So if you can bring the thunder, if you can bring the passion, and if you can bring the enthusiasm, you will sell your audience every single time.


Committed to your success,