How to Fill Your Personal Training Business with Ideal Clients

We all have our superstar clients, right?

Maybe you have good conversations with one of your clients. Maybe they just have this optimistic good energy about them. Punctual, shows up on time. Compliant, follows the program.

Don’t we all want compliant clients? Of course we do. Your business will thrive and grow because of it.

Let’s talk about how to get more of your ideal clients to commit to your personal training programs.


What Does Your Ideal Client Look Like?

You ever notice in that group of friends there’s those one or two people that you really connect with, you’re like kindred spirits with? What are the attributes about them? What’s so unique and special about them?

If you can figure that out and deconstruct it, you could find more people like your avatar—your ideal client.

And as you look at those attributes and you sit across from a prospect, you can now try starting a more targeted conversation. Talk about punctuality, about you know, “Hey, in the past have you done things and followed through with them and gotten results?”

It’s just like you’re interviewing for an employee. I wanna know. What have you started and finished before that was challenging, right? What were the end results?

As you start doing that, you figure out who your best prospects are.


…And What Does Your Less-Than-Ideal Client Look Like?


But I bet if I flip the chart over and made a chart for your worst clients, I know you have some clients you could probably get rid of if you didn’t need their money?

We all do.

So later on, on another day you would create a worst client list. Why? I want you guys to know who your avatar is, who to look for to join your program.

So many people in the beginning rant about how they don’t have enough clients. They’ll take anyone who’s willing to give them money. But then you get to a point where you just wanna work with the people that you have a passion for. People who wanna learn, who are compliant, who follow the program.

Well that’s great. Let’s figure out who they are, find them as an avatar, and look for more people like them.


The One Easy Way to Win Better Clients 

So what you’re gonna do next is come up with your top 10 best clients, and you’re gonna text them this message today: “Hey, I thought of you, and I just wanted to text you and let you know that I really appreciate you as a client and value how seriously you take your training. Have an awesome weekend.”

Send. You’re just gonna send that to your top 10 clients.

When you get home next week, they’ll show so much love towards you. And you’ll be able to ask them for referrals, and every single one of them is gonna give you a referral.

Just ask them for referrals by saying, “Hey, here are three gift cards you can give out. I want more clients just like you.”

But that one text message of appreciation is gonna start the dialogue immediately via text this weekend. And then when you get home it opens up the door and the dialogue for referral generation.

It’s one of the best referral generation tools, number one. Number two, it’s a great way for you to identify who your best and worst clients are, so that you bring on more of the best clients and less of those pain in the ass clients.


Committed to your success,