11 Websites Every Personal Trainer Must Visit

I’ve got a list of websites that are going to help you seriously increase your income, deliver better results to your clients, and all around just live a better life.Inspiration And Ideas

This list is contrarian compared to the sites that most personal trainers visit…

…however with over 100,000 trainers worldwide subscribed to my broadcasts…

…and 43,522 trainers who have purchased a course or program from me…

…and over 6,000 trainers who have gotten live training and coaching with me…

I have a pretty unique perspective on what the top earning and most successful fitness business owners do to become a part of the 1%. 

And here’s what I’ve discovered: the most successful personal trainers (those who are making really good money, live a great life, and making a huge impact) spend most of their time on the web becoming well rounded trainers, coaches, marketers, entrepreneurs, communicators, and have a greater understanding of habit-based fat loss nutritional coaching.

Interestingly, the other 99% of our industry spends the bulk of their time on the same sites that got them to where they are now…

That’s kind of like mastering the kettle bell swing with a specific weight and then never progressing to heavier weight or more complex movement. That just wouldn’t make sense, right?

My suggestion to you is to move on to other sites, resources, and events, and to discover new disciplines that can make you a better coach, entrepreneur, leader, and communicator.

That’s what I see the TOP 1% of trainers in our industry doing and that’s why they continue to grow in income and impact even in the face of increased competition.

So I thought I’d share 11 of the websites that you should visit (and use, invest in, and come back to often) to better yourself as a personal trainer, coach, business owner, leader, and communicator.

1) Functional Aging Institute – The baby boomers are the largest and wealthiest segment of the population right now and for the next decade or more to come. They have the money, time, and desire to work with a trainer for the long haul. However, they require different ways of training, marketing, and rapport building. FAI is the #1 certification organization that’s dedicated to helping trainers attract, train, and retain aging adults and baby boomers.

2) Precision Nutrition – There’s no two ways about it: you can’t out train a bad diet. Your clients can’t (or refuse to) follow the type of diet you want them to follow. This is where PN has nailed it! They have a habit-based coaching program that delivers fat loss results and helps clients keep the fat off for good. This is one of the top certs I suggest for trainers who want to deliver lasting results for their clients.

3) Fitness Marketer – Facebook is the holy grail for lead generation, list building, and branding your business. Fitness Marketer teaches trainers how to use smart marketing on Facebook to dominate in your area. They even have a done-for-you service that my clients love – click here to see the Fitness Marketer done-for-you services

4) Training For Warriors – There are better ways to train and motivate your clients these days. Let’s face it, your clients want variety and they NEED the motivation. The Training For Warriors certification is exactly what you need to keep your workouts fresh and your coaching style highly motivational.

5) Early to Rise – Who looks after your health and wealth? This is where hundreds of thousands of high level entrepreneurs get their insights for personal health, wealth, and a life well lived.

6) Jason Ferruggia – The blog and podcast of Renegade Strength Coach Jason Ferruggia where he shares, interviews, and reveals breakthrough thinking in the areas of mindset, happiness, personal growth, and living a life without regret.

7) Real Healthy Recipes – Delicious and healthy meals and recipes that are all grain free, gluten free, cane sugar free, soy free, and dairy free to share with your clients and on social media.

8) FitPro Newsletter – Automated email marketing for fitness pros who want to build a huge list of contacts and prospects but don’t have the time to write and send out high quality fitness tips and articles several times a day. This does it all for you automatically. The #1 way to keep your message in front of your leads and clients every week.

9) Alwyn Cosgrove – The blog and insights of Alwyn Cosgrove, one of the most tuned in, self-aware, and successful fitness leaders in our industry.

10) Tony Robbins – legendary life and peak performance coach who can help you have emotional and mental breakthroughs that will result in greater success.

11) Fitness Business Summit – the ONLY 3 day in-depth mega coaching event dedicated to fitness professionals who want to increase your income, multiply your impact, scale your professional growth, and guarantee your business success.

These are the sites, services, events, and people you’ll want to invest in and learn from to take your business, impact, and income to massive success in the new year!

Committed to Your Success,