How to Find the Right Clients for Your Business

We only get one chance at this thing they call life.

So you need more clients. And you don’t need them “someday” – you need them soon.

Life wordBecause, of course, that equals more money and more freedom for you to enjoy life.

Today I want to talk to you about getting clients, but specifically I want to talk to you about two unique ways that you can get clients.

It’s not exactly a marketing system, it’s more of a way of understanding your business you can then go, “Aha, that’s how I’m going to market.”

Check this out: this first thing is called figuring out your avatar.

Now, in my business, I know that most of the people who work with me are typically male and they’re around thirty-two to maybe thirty-three years old. Some are in their late twenties, but the ideal client that I get is maybe thirty to thirty-three, let’s say maybe even thirty-four.

They have their own personal training studio or fitness boot camp and they’re just now starting to plant their roots. Maybe they’re married, they’re thinking about having a child or two, and they realize…

“Hey, my business is kind of unstable. I don’t have any reliable systems in place, so I’m afraid that if I spend any time with my family, my business is going to tank.”

My job, of course, when trainers work with me, is all about creating systems, putting reliable marketing strategies in place, teaching you how to hire and train the right staff, all so that you can have your mornings off and spend time with your family and, of course, get home at a decent time, so that you can do the things you like.

Since I know who my avatar is, you need to figure out who your avatar is. There’s really two ways to figure that out.

Number one is, what are you most passionate about?



For example, if you are most passionate about training athletes, to the point where you would train them for free if you could, then you need to focus on working with athletes. That’s where your passion is at.

If all of a sudden you start working with busy executives because you think that’s where the money is at, when the going gets tough (and believe you me: the going will get tough) things are going to fall apart.

If you’ve got this passion to work with athletes or stay at home moms who want to lose fat, but you’re working with busy executives because you think that’s where the money is at, man, let me tell you, if you’re not passionate about it, you’re going to burn out quickly from it and that’s that.

When the going gets tough, it’s your passion is that’s going to carry you through.

That’s thing number one.

Thing number two is the people.



Meaning, who are the people that you currently train.Athlete

You might be passionate about training a specific industry, training athletes for example, but the type of athletes that you train might be football players. Or baseball players. Or track athletes.

Who knows what type of people that you’re attracting?

There’s probably a certain specific type of person that you’re attracting as a client.

If you look in your clientele base, you can go, “Aha, most of my clients are women and they’re between the ages of thirty-two and fifty-nine and most of them are stay at home moms. Those are the people that I attract and I’m really passionate about helping them. Okay, that’s my avatar.”

The way you are going to build your avatar, once you figure out what you’re most passionate about and who the people are that you’re training, the next thing is, you’re going to make a list.

Number one: their age.

Number two: their gender.

Number three: their income demographics.

In other words, do they earn thirty thousand dollars a year in household income? Do they earn a hundred thousand dollars a year? Eighty thousand? You probably know what your clients are earning, roughly.

Number four: do they own a house? Do they live in an apartment?

These things are important because once you know the age of your client, you know the gender, you know their income demographics, and whether they live in a house or an apartment, then you’ll have a much easier time finding them and bringing them into your business.

Let’s say you know the zip code where most of your clients come from. Well guess what? You got something really cool here.

You can simply go to, or if you live in Canada you can go to, and literally type in your zip code and say, “I’m looking for women between the ages of thirty and fifty who make a household income of a hundred thousand dollars a year, who live in a house,” and the website can find people in your neighborhood who fit that criteria.

Now, all of a sudden, you can buy those addresses and send marketing pieces to them. That’s how powerful it is to pick an avatar. If you don’t have an avatar, if you don’t have this target market that you’re trying to attract, you’re really going to have a convoluted marketing message.

When you have a convoluted marketing message, it’s just not going to work. Man, I’m telling you. It’s not going to work.

Look at it this way: once you’ve got your avatar, now it’s all about making a bullseye.

The Bullseye


Your ideal client is dead center. All of your marketing is going to talk to this person. If it’s a thirty-two year old housewife or it’s the twenty-one year old, male, football-playing athlete, all of your marketing message has to target that avatar. That’s the bullseye.

bullseye target 3d illustrationIf the center is a thirty-two year old Mrs. Jones, some of the people you might attract might be thirty-eight years old.

Then you got this outer ring and they might be in their forties.

Then you got this outer ring and they might be in their fifties.

But all of your marketing message is going to speak to the thirty-two year old Mrs. Jones, who is your ideal target market. You’re not going to try and speak to all age groups. You’re throwing the dart here, but if it lands there or there or there every now and again, that’s okay too.

Once you understand this concept of the bullseye targeting and also how to find and identify your avatar, you’re going to find it really easy to craft your marketing message for your personal training or boot camp business.

You’re going to speak a lot better in your marketing to your ideal client and the attraction process is going to be a lot easier.

Committed to Your Success,