Want to Become an Online Personal Trainer? Here’s How!

I get a lot of questions from personal trainers who want to take their personal training business online, and you know what? online personal trainer

I think that’s a GREAT idea!

I’ve got several online businesses myself, and I’m a huge fan of them. I like knowing that I can make money even while I sleep. That’s true financial security right there.

In fact, online businesses are one of the best ways I know about for breaking the cycle of trading time for dollars.

See, the sad truth is that most people spend their whole lives trading time for dollars in the form of desk jobs or struggling businesses.

Turns out, that is a TERRIBLE deal. There are plenty of ways to make money, but time never comes back. Once you spend your time, that’s it! It’s gone!

So it only makes sense to try to hold onto as much of your time as possible while still making more money!

To me, that is the biggest advantage to becoming an online personal trainer, so let’s take a look at how it works!

Finding Your Audience


This is the most important first step, because one thing you need to know about marketing online products and services is that it’s a lot tougher than marketing for a physical product or service.

That means you need to have an extremely specific idea of who’s going to buy your product and why.

In fact, you shouldn’t even try to create your product until you understand your audience.

Once you understand your audience, that will guide what kind of product you create for them and how you should structure it.

So here’s a short list of the things you should know about your audience:

What’s their age?

What’s their gender? 

Which social media platforms do they use most? How do they use them? How often? At what time of day?

Do they have money to afford your highest priced products and services? (More on that later.)

What other websites do they like to visit? 

online personal trainer When do they usually go online? Morning? Evening? At work? 

What type of content do they prefer online? Videos? E-books?

What are their fitness hopes and dreams?

Why are they looking for online fitness solutions instead of going to a gym, boot camp, or personal trainer? 

If you don’t know the answers here, DO THE RESEARCH! (Sound familiar?)

Once you’ve done this research, it should be obvious to you what kind of product your audience will want.

Creating Your Online Product


The first thing you need is a front-end product.

This is going to be something that doesn’t take up any of your time once you’ve created it. E-books, videos, and pre-recorded webinars are perfect here.

Maybe you make instructional videos for your favorite workouts. Maybe you write up a booklet of healthy recipes. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s branded to the specific audience you chose in the previous step.

It’s one thing to give out solid information, but you need to go a step beyond that. The product itself needs to sell your audience on the idea that this experience is for THEM specifically, and that they made the right decision buying it.

And with this product, you want to keep the price extremely low. $29 or less.


Because this product is not going to be your main source of income. It’s only going to give people a taste of what you do so that you can sell them even better products at higher prices.

Speaking of which, you can mostly follow the same instructions for your first upsell.

An upsell is an extra product you offer your customer or client AFTER they’ve agreed to purchase your front end product.

Upsells are way easier to sell than front end products because you’ve already got them in the pattern of buying from you. So this is where you’re going to charge a slightly higher price.

As for the upsell product itself, you can use the same format as before, but this time give out more advanced techniques, or tailor the product to fill a different need from the first one.Picture of a muscular arm flexing

For example, if your front-end product is an ab sculpting program, why not follow up with an arm sculpting program?

For the second upsell, you want to set up something with recurring payments.

This is where you can (but don’t strictly need to) set up regularly scheduled coaching via phone or webinars.

That, or you can set up a “vault” of online workout or nutrition resources that you continuously update. Then you just charge them monthly for access.

Becoming the Ultimate Online Personal Trainer


Now if you want, you can just keep scaling up your income by creating/selling more info products and coaching programs like I described above.

However, if you want to become the ultimate online personal trainer, both in terms of your income and your impact on people’s health, you want to create a high-end product.

The best high-end product I know of is a VIP coaching experience.

This is where you are going to give your clients EVERYTHING you’ve got. I’m talking pre-made meal plans, your most cutting-edge training modality, one-on-one calls, and live events at high-end hotels.

And you’re going to charge your highest prices. Several thousand per month.

Why so high? Because you are a fitness expert and these clients are getting up-close, exclusive access to your expertise.

THIS is also where you are going to have your highest profit margins and really be able to grow your business and design your own lifestyle.

Now before you go and say, “but I don’t want to charge too much!” here are a few important things to keep in mind:

–       You aren’t charging everybody these prices. In fact, you are only charging these prices for people who (in most cases) have already gone through your low priced products and are asking for even more.

–       At this level, you are going to get clients who are seriously accomplished people. Not only will they be able to afford your VIP training, they will be way more cooperative and easy-going. Somehow, it just works out that way.

–       YOU ARE AN EXPERT! You have knowledge and experience that 99% of people don’t have! So quit being so shy and charge what you’re worth!

So there you go: my guide to becoming a successful online personal trainer!

If you want more info on how to create online info products (ESPECIALLY if you are total beginner) just enroll at 0 to 100 Sales to learn more!

Committed to Your Success,