Marketing for Personal Trainers

I’d like to talk to you about a marketing strategy that’s really plaguing our industry and stopping fitness professionals from getting to that coveted 6 figures and even multiple 6 figures in their personal training and boot camp businesses.

The thing I want to talk to you about is the process of converting leads into paying clients.

What you might not know is that there’s actually a 3 step process for this works really well. That’s what I want to share with you here.

Here’s what happens oftentimes in our industry…

…we get really desperate when we need clients, so we’ll send out an email or we’ll advertise a personal training or boot camp program at a discounted rate.

We offer so many sessions for so many dollars, or so many weeks for so many dollars, and hope that people latch on and jump onboard.

The problem is that you’re missing 3 specific components and those components are the PIM method, P-I-M. It’s the Prospecting, Incubation, and Monetization process. You can actually call it PIM.

Here’s how it works: the very first part of this formula is prospecting.



The number one thing you have to do is find out where your ideal clients hang out right now in your community.

They may read specific magazines, they might live in specific parts of town (behind a gated community, perhaps).

They might hang out at certain restaurants or visit certain businesses, and your goal is to prospect in those areas, within those magazines, within those communities, and within those businesses. It’s okay to spend money to get those leads.

How do you prospect?

The fastest, easiest, and smartest way I know for getting qualified leads into your personal training or boot camp business is through low barrier offers.

I’m talking about things like the 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss program, the 14-Day Fat Furnace, 28-Day Flat Belly Formula, or perhaps, the New Year’s Revolution. However you name it or however long it lasts, these programs are all just prospecting tools.

The money that you make during the 14-day, 21-day, 28-day, or 6-week transformation program, you might as well look at that as money that you can spend 100% on getting the prospect into your door.

Here’s why: once you’ve gotten that prospect, you move onto the next step, the incubational process.



Whether it’s 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, or 6 weeks, that’s the time that they get to know, like and trust you.

That’s the time that you get to position yourself as the authority in what you do: fitness and fat loss for that niche market.

This is when you want to use your best content marketing.

As they go through your program, give them your best recipes, your at-home workouts, your most powerful motivational speeches, and anything else that is appropriate to their niche and their desires.

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Once they’re incubated, once they know they can trust you, once you’ve over-delivered on value, once you’ve given them the unique experience that they hoped for, now you can move to the monetization process.



This is where the process gets shockingly easy.

When you’re moving to the monetization process, you need a qualified, prepared presentation system or script to convert these prospects into paying clients.

If they’re paying you $67 for a 14-Day Fat Flush, guess what? As far as I’m concerned, if it cost you $5 to get that person into your 14-Day Fat Flush, you still have $62 that you can spend on them during the 14 days.

Why not, during the 14 days, get them a $5 or $10 Starbucks gift card? Why not get them or make them a fruit basket? That will cost you probably $15, $20, or $25, right? Why not get them some protein powder?

In that time, get them to know, like and trust you and when you do, the monetization process is going to be far easier.

This is the big reason why many of my coaching clients convert those prospects at 80%, 90%, sometimes even 100%.

They’ll get 20 people into a 14-Day Fat Flush or a 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss program and convert nearly all of them into ongoing, paid clients.

It’s because they took the time to spend money during the prospecting process. They got those clients incubated.

action script codeThey got those clients to know, like, and trust them, and they established value and authority.

On this end of it, they made an irresistible offer in a very scripted and systematic method and converted them into paying clients.

I want you to use the PIM method in your personal training or boot camp business and see what it does for you. I challenge you to try it for 30 days and check out the difference it’s going to make in your business.

Committed to Your Success,


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