This ONE Group of People Will Decide Who Succeeds and Who Fails in the Fitness Industry

There is a group of people who are going to almost completely control the US economy (and pretty much the world economy) for at least the next 20 years.

This group of people controls so much wealth, the only two forces on Earth with more total spending power are the US and China!

modern economyThese people are smart, active, accomplished, affluent, and they want to spend money on businesses that they trust and stick with for years on end.

And by the way…this group is especially interested in personal fitness.

They are looking for boot camps, boutique gyms, personal trainers…whatever kind of business you run, they are interested.


These people are not tire-kickers. They aren’t interested in just “trying things out.” They are itching to throw down serious money for programs that suit their own specific needs.

So if you want to work with these big money players…you need to know how to suit their needs…and you need to know how to speak their language and bring them to your door.

Who is this powerful, mysterious group of people?

Baby Boomers!

Did you know that the Baby Boomer generation is turning 70 this year?! And you can’t market to them like they are seniors…they don’t even embrace that term.

According to my buddies at the Functional Aging Institute (FAI), 10,000 people are turning 70 every day this year! And another 10,000 are turning 65 every day!

And apparently the trend is even worse in Canada. In 20 years, there will be more Canadians over 65 than kids aged 0-20!

Dan, one of the cofounders of FAI, jokingly says…Canadians really need to just get busy!

So while the Baby Boomer market is the wealthiest in history and the largest in US history, you have to market to them correctly if you want them as clients.

55, 60, and 65-year-old women represent the strongest buying customers in the history of fitness, but you can’t market to them like young moms and you can’t market to them like seniors!

Check out this short video blog I asked Dr. Cody Sipe if I could share.

Oh and by the way, if you are in the DC/Virginia area they are putting on a 1-day workshop, not a large conference event, a workshop with 40-50 seats focusing on Mature Marketing.

They are even bringing in a Baby Boomer business owner who has owned a studio for 20 years! And they’ve got my good pal and Facebook expert Josh Carter.

You should check it out…I told them they should charge $599 for this one day…but they said they are really just doing it to help more business owners reach more mature clients so they are selling it for a steal!

Remember: Baby Boomers are the masters of the new economy…so make sure you attend this event and learn how to get them on your side!

Committed to your success,