How to Do a Group Close for Boot Camp Clients

A true empire builder knows that any organization is littered with opportunities to scale up. ?????????

There’s always something that you can make faster, more efficient, bigger, better, more numerous, or easier.

So today I’m going to help you scale up a part of your business you maybe hadn’t even considered scaling up…

Closing Clients.

Now you’re most likely used to the traditional model of closing clients where you sit down with each prospect, in the comfort and privacy of your office, and talk with them one-on-one about your boot camp.

That’s all well and good…but there’s an upper limit there to how many new clients you can close per day, and that ultimately means there’s an upper limit on your income and community impact.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t really like limitations.

The cool thing is, you can take the same basic formula you’ve been using to close clients one-on-one and apply just a few tweaks to turn it into a badass GROUP CLOSING process…

Here, I’ll show you how with my 4 step process!

Step 1: Demonstrate


Okay, technically “step one” is that you schedule 20 to 50 people to show up at your facility on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a special orientation. You’ll want enough chairs to seat everyone and a projector screen set up in front of them.

Simple enough, right? Now let’s get into the meat of this process.

Once you’ve got everyone settled in, you want to start with a PowerPoint presentation where you remind them about your Unique Selling Point.

If you need a refresher, that’s the one thing you do better than anyone else.

Explain how your program works, and make sure you tie everything back to your USP. You can be as fine-detailed or as big picture as you want, just make sure you’re always coming back to the one big benefit your audience is looking for.

Step 2: Prove


You’ve shown them that you did your homework…but why should they trust you?

Because you have PROOF, that’s why!

Figure of a Woman Before and AfterAnd actually, this is one part of the process where I think group closing has a huge advantage over one-on-one closing.

See, with a group close, you have an excuse to bring out real live clients of yours who have had the best results.

That’s how some of my most successful coaching clients have done it: they’ll put their clients’ “before” pics up on the screen and then have them walk out in-person for the “after” part.

Man, just imagine that from the prospect’s perspective. They’ve seen tons of scam businesses use faked or stolen before-and-afters to try to hawk their products, so they probably roll their eyes when they first see the “before” pics appear on screen…

But then out comes a REAL, toned, smiling person, in the flesh, talking about how your training changed their life and pointing to their old self saying “that used to be me!”

How is anyone supposed to be skeptical or bored after seeing that?

Answer: nobody. That’s an atom bomb of social proof right there.

Step 3: Position


But wait – who are you? Why should they trust you specifically?

Once you’ve demonstrated your program and proven your results, you need to position yourself as not just a high quality trainer, but the ONLY fitness expert who can get your prospects the results they need.

Part of that, of course, means humanizing you. That’s actually a lot easier to do when you’re meeting one-on-one, because it pretty much happens naturally in a private conversation.

When it’s you talking to a group, however, you need to put some extra work in to appear relatable.

The best way to do this is to position yourself as an expert from necessity.

What does that mean?

Basically, you’re going to tell the story of how you used to be out of shape and depressed, then you had a moment of darkness, then you decided you HAD to change your life, and then you discovered the amazing fitness secret that transformed your body and lead to this program.Hope

(If you’ve got pictures, USE THEM!)

This story is perfect, because it makes you relatable to your prospects and gives them hope to escape their own bad situations. Plus, it doesn’t intimidate them the same way a list of certifications and accomplishments might.

“HANG ON!” you might be saying, “What if that story doesn’t apply to me?”

Fear not…I have something for you too.

Have you ever heard of the god Prometheus?

He is, arguably, one of the coolest and most important characters in Greek mythology. He was one of the gods, and at that time the gods didn’t give a damn about the humans below. They were too busy fighting and partying with each other to care about the little guys.

But Prometheus was different. He decided to steal some of the fire from the home of the gods, Mount Olympus, and bring it down to the humans below. With that first spark of fire, he gave them their first glimpse of knowledge and pretty much kicked off all of human progress.

(He later got horribly punished for this, but whatever. It’s just a myth.)

Now what the heck does Prometheus have to do with you?!

Well…if you are the type who is naturally fit…or if you’ve been active in the fitness world your entire life…

You are going to be Prometheus!

Because right now, in the eyes of your prospects, you are one of the gods – unrealistically perfect and unattainable. They admire you, but they are suspicious about the idea that they could become like you.

So you are going to present your specific training technique as a big SECRET that the other gods have tried to keep hidden!

Until you went full-on maverick and stole that secret away!

The “Prometheus story” will make your prospects LOVE you, because you’re giving them the hope for change AND helping them sorta get back at all those pretty people they’ve been quietly resenting for years.

And above all, these stories both show that your experience and knowledge and training are UNIQUE. So, if they want to get in on this, they’ve got to sign up with you and you only.

Step 4: Offer


Now if you’ve done all the other steps correctly, this should be a breeze.

Just hand out your paperwork and on the screen put up some instructions for how to fill it out.

If you followed the process correctly, you should close 70-80% of the room right there.

That’s right, you can close 20-40 new clients in one fell swoop!

And as you practice the group close and get better at it, you can expand the number of people at each orientation, which means a higher amount of closed sales at the end.

Get 100 prospects in there…and you could get 80 new clients in one day. 

How’s that for scale?

Committed to your success,


P.S. Group closing is an advanced technique. The best way to learn it is to surround yourself with advanced fitness pros. You can do that by joining 7 Figure Mastermind.