How You Will DOMINATE September 2016 And Massively Boost Your Income

As you might know already, September is really the second January in our industry.

That is when kids go back to school and parents are eager to get back into bootcamp now that they have time in their schedules again.Back to school

Now, the key to mastering this opportunity is to 10X your efforts in August so you can get a massive, blowout rush of clients in September.

And if you want that September rush, you need to do everything I’m about to tell you, starting TODAY! 

Don’t overthink it: it’s time to be an action taker and get shit done while everyone else is off on vacation, or “taking it slow.”

(That includes your competition, by the way…now is your perfect chance to strike.)


Let’s go!

Step #1 – Run a Referral Contest


Run a referral contest for your current clients. You can offer them a gift card, some free training, or something else exciting.

Again, don’t overthink this – just offer them something cool and make it clear that you’ll only count referrals who end up becoming full members (since you don’t want to waste your time on cold leads).

As far as pitching the contest to your clients, I’ve got the perfect script for you.

Feel free to plug this into your emails or Facebook posts (or chop it up and use it for text messages):

Hey Family! 

First, I just want to tell you all congratulations! I’m especially impressed with you, because you actually stuck around through summer!

As you probably noticed, a lot of people stop their usual workouts over summer because they “already got back in shape” or they “are busy with the kids.”

And maybe there are some valid excuses thrown in the mix there…but YOU stuck around and you are looking Hotter. Than. Ever. 

And while I would never encourage anyone to be “rude” …I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you strutting your stuff these days and showing off your dedication to fitness.

If someone else gets jealous…well they better hurry over to our boot camp before we fill back up again, right?

So I’m inviting you to a referral contest this month! We’re going to (modestly) show off our workout results and remind everyone else why our bootcamp is the BEST way in town to get fit!

BEST OF ALL: I have a [GIFT] that I can give to the person who refers the newest clients! 

(Not just consultations – otherwise someone would probably send their brother in 10 times wearing a different fake mustache each time. That would be funny though!)

This contest is starting now, so start telling all your friends so you can win that [GIFT].

You’re the best! See you soon! 


ALSO, you can turn this into a phone script and actually CALL your clients. THAT will make a huge difference. 

Step #2 – Build Your Email List


Start building up your email list so you can wow them with a “Back to School” special in September.

Mailing list green square buttonThat’s an incredibly easy offer to use…but you need a solid list to make the most of it!

So start using Facebook ads to drive people to your list-builders.

If you don’t have a list builder, all you need is a web page offering a Low Barrier Offer for free if the reader will enter their email address.

What should you offer for your LBO?

Here’s a few ideas:

– Downloadable PDF of your 20 best fat loss recipes

– Invite to a special webinar with your best weight loss secrets

– One week of free workouts

– Downloadable packet of done-for-you meal plans

– A comprehensive fitness evaluation

– At-home workout videos

– Or you can just borrow my done-for-you giveaways AND COMPLETELY AUTOMATE YOUR LIST BUILDING (websites included) by signing up for FitPro Newsletter!

Remember – you want that list ready for September!

Step #3 – Reactivate Old Clients


This is the PERFECT time to reactivate old clients – especially people who dropped off at the beginning of summer.

Calling is best, or you can text or email them.

If they’re like most people, here’s what they’ve been doing all summer: they’ve been chowing down at barbecues, exploring exotic (and fatty) foods on vacation, and lounging around on the beach.

That’s not exactly the recipe for a perfect body, is it?

AND since it’s bikini season, they’ve watched their flab come back in real time…and you can imagine how they feel about that.

They’ve backed themselves into a corner, because now they really want to lose that BBQ weight but their “real life” schedule is about to start up again.


So you need to agitate that problem, remind them that your bootcamp is the solution, and make it really easy to come back. Give them a huge discount on their first month back, or just give it to them for free. 

AND remind them that they can avoid this problem next time by keeping their workouts consistent over summer. In fact, why not offer them a 12-month PIF membership for that exact reason?

Step #4 – Get Moving!


If you’re uncertain about where to begin with all this – stop that! You’re over thinking it! Just start doing something, ANYTHING from this list as soon as you’re done reading this.Cartoon style bomb with ignited fuse

Speed is your best friend right now. August is all about easy money. Put the work in NOW and you’ll get the huge profit boost in September.

If you implement the ideas I’m giving you now, you’re lighting the fuse on a GIANT MONEY BOMB that’s going to go off in September.

Trust me: throughout my entire career as a fitness entrepreneur, I have had by biggest profits in September after laying the ground work in August.


This is the one degree of effort that will push your business from “good” to “outstanding.”

Yeah, yeah, other people are taking vacations and slowing down – ignore them. They are swimming in the sea of mediocrity, but YOU are on a path of greatness and domination!

I want you to close out 2016 with a BANG, so get started now!

Committed to your success,


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