How to Kill Bad Habits and Build Good Habits

There’s one piece of wisdom I want to give you right off the bat that will make your path very clear.

In fact, you’ll go a long way towards improving your life and your business if you just take what I’m about to say and make it part of your daily affirmations, your mantra, your journal, etc.…

build good habitsGood habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.

It’s a clever turn of phrase, but man, there is SO MUCH TRUTH in this. I want to really break this down for you today and give you some practical tips for how to correct the habits in your own life.

And the cool part about this is that you, as a fitness professional, are already practicing a lot of these strategies already…you just aren’t aware that you can use them in other areas of your life.

Personally, whenever I find a good idea for one area of my life, I try to use it in all other areas to see if it works there as well (it usually does).

How You Do One Thing = How You Do Everything


Since you’re a fitness professional, I’m willing to bet you’re in better shape physically than 90% of the population who are fat, worn out, depressed, on the decline, low energy, and maybe all of the above.

And we both know WHY you are different: you put in the discipline.

You are disciplined about what you eat. You focus on nutrient rich, whole foods in appropriate proportions. You don’t just gobble up every tasty-looking treat that floats by.

AND you work out with discipline. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, distracted, busy, sore, or bored, you keep challenging your body and keep adapting your regimen to get better and better results.

You’ve really put in a lot of hard work to reach this point…but you probably don’t think of it as hard work at all.


Because you’ve established HABITS.

And maybe you got lucky and came from a healthy family who drilled this stuff into your head…or maybe you used to be in terrible shape but made the commitment to change…

Whatever the case, the good habits have been the source of your success.


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At this point, doesn’t living healthy just feel easy and natural to you? And aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with any of the health problems and emotional hang-ups of people who are out of shape?

THAT, your physical health, is an example of how good habits are easy to live with.

Now let’s look at the other side…

The Path of Least Resistance Leads to Failure


Let’s take a look at an area of life most people struggle with…something I myself struggled with for many years…I'm broke


Believe it or not, most people’s financial triumphs or failures also come down to their habits.

See, a lot of people think that getting rich is a matter of earning one huge pile of cash, once, and just coasting on that forever.

But there are real life examples all over the place to prove that this isn’t true.

Just look at lottery ticket winners: half of the people who win the lottery go bankrupt within 5 years of winning. That’s right – they don’t just go back to being poor or middle class, they go BANKRUPT.

And the reason why is that they have bad habits when it comes to money.

That’s the brutally honest truth: if you have bad money habits, it doesn’t matter how much you have to start with. You are going to go broke.

And with money, as with so many other things, the path of least resistance leads to failure. If you only spend money that are fun, easy, and shiny, and you never think carefully about your financial future, you are going to fail.

It’s easy to blow through cash by partying every weekend, buying flashy clothes, sinking your money into your car (always a bad investment), etc.…

And the easiest thing of all, once you’re already broke, is to turn around and whine about how you got ripped off.

The hard part is feeling the squandered potential in your life and stressing out daily over keeping a roof over your head and food on the table.

Look, I get that life ain’t fair, but I’ve never said that it is.

What I am saying is that the opportunities to make money are out there if you stay alert and work hard. AND I’m saying that those opportunities are more than enough to cover the damages when life throws you a curve ball.

So the way to build wealth and protect yourself financially is to plan ahead and form good habits.

And by good habits, I mean saving money, investing in your future, and spending money on education and tools that can keep growing your business.

What You Need to Do Now


The way to establish good habits is to visualize very clearly the kind of life you want in the future, and keep that in mind every time you go to perform that good habit.

Whether it’s taking the time to market your business, setting aside money for savings, or working on your selling skills, go into it knowing that the rewards are going to be so much more satisfying than anything you could get in the short term.


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Other than that, it’s just sheer repetition. Do that good habit on a tight schedule and don’t let yourself off the hook until the habit is thoroughly burned into your brain.

Rubber BandAnd for bad habits…you gotta make them hurt.

I know people who will literally wear rubber bands on their wrist and snap them against their skin when they’re tempted to do something stupid.

Or, you can just visualize your worst case scenario and tie that to your cravings. If you’re bad with money, picture yourself living in your car the next time you reach for that sparkly new shirt you don’t need (guys, don’t kid yourselves, you’re just as bad as the ladies here).

And remember…the point of all of this is to build the best life possible for yourself. Spending a short amount of time now living Spartan is a tiny price to pay for a lifetime of health, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Committed to your success,