How to Dominate YouTube

Have you ever had a YouTube video get over 100,000 views? Are you curious what that’s like?

I can tell you…it feels amazing and a little bit surreal.Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.03.38 PM

See, I do have a video with over 100,000 views – it’s my infamous GSD video, which you can check out here:

Now it’s funny, when people talk about a video “going viral” they always make it out to be like magic…something that just randomly happens to videos…a fluke…

But the truth is, the success of my GSD video was the result of a strategic system I developed to dominate YouTube.

In other words, I planned to have that video go viral and it worked.

And today, I want to show you how to follow my same system.

First off, let me explain why videos are so important…

Why Videos Matter


If you want to become a true thought leader in your industry, you ABSOLUTELY MUST put out videos on a consistent basis.

This is not just about short-term marketing – this is about building BRAND. This is about earning access to the incredibly fun and lucrative opportunities that are only available to high-performance entrepreneurs.

Do you ever imagine yourself up on stage talking about your business, with a crowd of thousands hanging on every word?

Do you ever imagine big name players in your industry walking up to YOU and seeking out your input and collaboration?

Do you want to create a business and a legacy that will keep generating income and opportunities for your family for generations?

Then you need to build brand. You need to become a celebrity in your industry. 

And videos build brand faster than any other medium.


Videos just have this funny effect on people…let’s call it the “as seen on TV” effect.

See, early on in my career as a business coach, I mostly relied on blogs, e-books, and email newsletters to spread the word about me and get my message out. Those are all fine tools, and I built up a considerably large audience with them.

And of course, I had live events as well.

But then something happened when I started taking video content seriously and developed my YouTube domination system…

See, in the pre-video days, people would walk up to me at live events, ask to make sure it was me, then smile politely and shake my hand.

Once I started getting people who had found me on YouTube…man, the reaction was completely different.


People’s jaws would drop when they saw me. Some people, the ones who were really struggling, would start crying instantly and want to hug me and thank me for helping them.

In other words, their reaction went from “Hey, you’re Bedros, right?” to “HOLY CRAP IT’S BEDROS KEUILIAN!”

That’s the essence of the “as seen on TV” effect. It immediately makes you this larger-than-life character in the eyes of your audience.

As you might imagine, this leads people to pay more attention to you, trust you more, and be more ready to refer you to their friends.

And of course that leads to greater sales and greater income for you, right?

BUT WAIT! If that’s the only benefit that comes to mind for you, you’re still thinking tactics. The real beauty of the celebrity effect is how it affects your long-term strategy.

Once you have the celebrity effect, you not only get to command higher prices, but you have a ticket to get past most (and eventually all) of the gatekeepers in your industry.

If someone has the experience and the connections in your industry to be a gatekeeper, you’ll never be able to fool them.

They’ve seen it all. They don’t care how good your idea is on paper, they don’t care how hard you work, they don’t care about your qualifications.


And if you can point to a crowd of thousands who are shouting your name and telling everyone they know about you, then you’ve got that proof.

THAT is why you need the celebrity, “as seen on TV” effect if you want to make the millies and billies and achieve the ultimate freedom and abundance.

Now here’s how you do it…

The System for Dominating YouTube


The first step is to be authentic. By that, I really mean two things:

One, you actually have to know your stuff. You need to have real, in-the-trenches experience in your industry and valuable insights to share about that.

TruthTwo, don’t overthink it. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean throwing on a fine Italian suit and making up some wacky accent to sound smart. If that’s not who you really are, people are going to smell the insincerity and stop listening.

Sure, you want to be clean and presentable while filming, but honesty really is the best policy when it comes to brand building.

Why waste your time and energy maintaining a lie when it’s totally possible to kick in the celebrity effect with your actual personality?

Shoot, man, look at me! I’m awkward, I’m hairy, I’m a meathead – but the tribe I’ve built is full of people who’ve come to understand me and actually celebrate my rough edges.

So be authentic…and when you plan your videos, think very carefully about who your audience is and what they’re going through. What is the one thing you can show them that day – a piece of advice, an offer, secret insider knowledge – that will make a huge difference for them?

Going back to my GSD video, I knew that personal discipline was a huge pain point for most of my audience, so I made them a video telling them exactly what to do to address that. The result was huge.

Now pay attention to how I start the video: I immediately define who I am, what I am an expert in, and what this video means to their success.

That’s how you want to start EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. This is just classic memorization. The more you repeat who you are to your audience, the more they will remember it and believe it.

THEN, once you’re done giving out your expert advice, you want to close each video with at least two calls to action.

The first call to action is up to you. It depends on your strategy. In the GSD video, I send the viewer to my blog because, for people who are still new to my work, I want to get them reading my blog and following my email newsletter so I can keep adding value to their businesses before I start asking for anything.

The second call to action is to ask everyone to like and share your video and subscribe to your channel. Also, if you don’t plan on disabling them, ask the viewer to leave a comment.

All these activities signal Google to rank your channel higher on YouTube search results and to recommend your video to people searching for similar topics.

If you put out enough great videos and get enough engagement, before you know it you might come up as number one in Google’s search rankings with your YouTube thumbnail video. And that’s really what you want. You want search engine dominance so that your competitors can get crushed.

Committed to your success,


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