How to Get Training Clients from Facebook

Social media is my #1 source for growing my email list and selling more of my info products, coaching services, and Fit Body Boot Camp franchise locations.

(SIDE NOTE: Entrepreneur Magazine was right earlier this year when they put FBBC on the Top 15 Franchises to Watch in 2015. In fact, every 42 hours there’s a new Fit Body Boot Camp location opening up somewhere on the map.)Print

Plus I use social media to fill up my own Fit Body Boot Camp location with new leads and clients every month.

Now, when I say “social media” I really mean Facebook and YouTube for now.

UPDATE: YouTube is becoming more of a social media platform now that Google Plus is officially a flop.

But in this email I’m mainly going to focus on Facebook. We’ll leave YouTube for another day.

As for other social media sites… my team and I at the HQ are always testing out other platforms to see how we can drive leads, get traffic, and get more clients and customers…

…but so far there’s nothing as powerful as Facebook when it comes to getting leads, prospects and paying clients for your gym, training business or boot camp.

How I Do Social Media…

The formula is to DOMINATE. To be everywhere, all the time, with the right offer, to the right people.

I do a combination of free traffic driving and paid-for – thanks to the help of Josh Carter.

First the free stuff… 

I post twice a day on my personal page and on my fan pages.

Post #1 is something motivating, uplifting or inspirational either in written form or an info graphic.

Post #2 of the day (3-4 hours later) is a client success case study or really cool video like this one I just posted on Facebook that shows a bunch of people getting great success and results by using my products or services.

The trick of course is to interact with people who leave comments. Facebook wants interaction… and the more you interact the more they show your post to others in their news feed.

How I Get Clients from Facebook…

I’ll use my own FBBC location as an example since that’s the business model that will most resemble your business.

There are two types of funnels that we create on Facebook. All you really need is Click Funnels (a do it yourself web page and funnel creator) and FitPro Newsletter.

Funnel #1 is the low barrier offer directly to fans of Ontario Fit Body Boot Camp.

We’ll promote my 14 Day Fat Furnace, 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program or 6 Week Challenge directly to the folks who have “liked” our fan page.


FB Ad > LBO Page > Click To Purchase > Email Opt In first > Then Shopping Cart. 

Now, we promote low barrier offers to our fans because they are more likely to buy right away since they “liked” our fan page and know a thing or two about us.

Consider your Facebook fans “warm leads” if you will.

Nevertheless, we still capture their email address using FitPro Newsletter when they click the “buy” button on the LBO page before sending them to the shopping cart because we know that not everyone who hits your shopping cart page is going to buy – so at least you’ll have their email addy to market to them later.

Funnel #2 is targeted to our ideal demographics through the Facebook Ad Center. For my boot camp we target Females, within 3-5 miles, age 32-55. tanktops-favorite

The funnel we make for them is different than the one we make for our “fans”.

See, the people that we target through the Facebook Ad Center don’t know, like, and trust us yet. So they’re less likely to buy a low barrier offer from the page.

(although if you can craft great sale copy and make a killer offer you can sell cold traffic on LBO’s too)

B-U-T what we do for cold Facebook traffic is send them to a page where we offer something awesome for free in exchange for their email address…

…it could be “enter to win a month” or opt in and get a free fat loss recipe cookbook, or opt in and get 7 free at-home workouts.

Once we get their email address then we love them up… how cool is that, right? 🙂

Get an email address, love them up, be cool to them, position yourself as the local fitness and fat loss expert by sending them great email content, fitness and fat loss tips, and client case studies…

And then after two weeks of indoctrinating them and loving them up we offer them a low barrier offer to purchase.


FB Ad > Squeeze Page (get email address) > Indoc phase > LBO page > Client 

Now then… if you know how to set these sales pages up, craft Facebook ads, and write indoctrination emails then you should be doing this to fill your fitness business up with more clients.

Facebook is a game changer IF you know how to use it right.

Like I said, I don’t just use it to fill up my Fit Body Boot Camp… I also use Facebook to sell my info products, coaching and consulting services, and to grow FBBC locations worldwide.

But if this stuff sounds too confusing for you, but you know you need to do it in order to grow your business and profits, and stay ahead of your competitors – then I can help you set it all up.

How I Can Do It for You…

On November 20th and 21st we’re hosting our next Funnel Automation Boot Camp and Surf Fest in Dana Point, California where we’re going to work with a handful of fitness pros like yourself for two days and put your whole Facebook funnel together for you in one weekend…

Surfing…and we’re going to go surfing together (hence the surf fest).

If you know that you need reliable Facebook funnels, email list building pages, and indoctrination emails but want my team to do the work for you and set it all up (including Facebook ads) then this live two-day Funnel Automation and Implementation Boot Camp is for you.

Ready to take your Facebook and email marketing to DOMINATION level?

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Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian