How To Create and Sell Your Online Fitness Information Product

book-coverAt the end of last year, my wife sold 20,240 copies of her new cookbook The Recipe Hacker in just five days. I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure it was some kind of online sales record. It was only 15 months ago that she started her online info business and within four months she was averaging just over $10,000 a month.

Now, her first ever published cookbook generated more than a quarter million dollars online in under a week. It would probably have done much more than that but the publisher was simply unable to keep up with the insane demand and couldn’t print any more books!

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So what was the secret to her big launch? 

And, more importantly for you, how can YOU replicate it? 

First off, she made a product that was in demand, and she made it ‘ best in class’ with high quality recipe photos, detailed ingredients and instructions, and she filled it with great anecdotes and stories for each recipe.

Secondly, she didn’t sit around and wait for the publisher to sell the books through Amazon and local bookstores.

Instead, she reached out to people in the industry who already had potential customers (we call these people affiliates) and asked them if they’d mail out to their lists in exchange for commissions.

Thirdly, she added three up-sells to the offer. This allowed her customers access to more  recipes and meal plans and her affiliates had the ability to make more money from each sale, motivating them to mail out more often during her big launch last week.

And lastly, she made her launch as done-for-you as possible by writing all of her affiliate promo emails and providing graphics and copy to use on Facebook to promote her cookbook. This made it very easy for her affiliates to simple cut, paste, email out to their lists, and make a ton of money.

I want all of this exact same success to be yours. So, I’m giving you a crash course in online information marketing right here, right now.

1) Setting up your product launch.
– Recruit affiliates who can drive big traffic to your product- This is by far the most effective online marketing strategy for information products. This is what allowed my wife such massive successes so early on in her launch.
Write 5 promotional emails for your launch- We’ve tested, tried, and evaluated every possible combination of offers and emails and messages and we have found five to be the golden number. No more. No less. We promise, this is the best method to get your message across without spamming your way into the junk mail box.
– Set up affiliate prizes- Affiliates, while absolutely crucial, are notoriously fickle. These people will promise you the world and then forget you ever existed. So to keep them
– Write affiliate updates that keep your affiliates motivated to mail hard

2) Copy logic your headline and make it better. 
Your headline is arguably the MOST important component of your sales page. EditingA copy logic is a process where you put your product’s headline on the marker board and work through it to improve it’s benefit message, sales message, and interest message. Perform this process with people you trust to give you honest, trustworthy feedback and criticism. If you have access to a professional or anyone with successful copywriting experience, do whatever it takes to get them to take a look at your copy and give you some comments and feedback.

3) Build your up-sell flow and funnel
Most people don’t know this but up-sells are some of the biggest profit generators for an info business like yours. So review your front end product and then structure your up-sell flow and offer so that you have the right up-sells in place, in the right order, and at the right price point to maximize your take rate, revenue, and profits.

You should also try offering a killer launch offer. When your main product is massively discounted it’s extremely likely to get sales. And once you have your customer locked into that initial, inexpensive sale, you can hit them with the upsells and they will be more likely to add all of them to their purchase.

UpsellsThis can also be a helpful strategy for making money while still paying affiliates respectable commissions. You can offer 100% or more on the sales commission when an affiliate sells your main product, but you will take all the revenue from the upsells. Or, you can do what my wife did and offer a percentage of all the sales. Either way, your affiliates are happy and make plenty of money and you are still able to make money from all your affiliates’ sales.

Memorize this advice and implement all of it when you are ready for your launch. I promise you will see some awesome results.


Committed to your success,