Consulting Spike TV Gym Rescue Show

Exactly a year ago I was doing something that I had never done before…

…something that put me way out of my comfort zone, I was consulting on a reality show for Spike TV called Gym Rescue.

If you’ve ever seen any of those “expert saves failing business” makeover reality shows, then you have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

And now that Spike TV announced air dates I can “officially” talk about it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.55.02 PM(BTW, the air dates for Gym Rescue are August, 10th, 17th, and 24th)

You might have seen Spike TV’s popular Bar Rescue show, where host Jon Taffer, a bar consultant, will take over a failing bar and within a week he’ll transform it into bar that has the ability to succeed.

Gym Rescue is a spin off of that.

Now, Jon is one very dynamic dude…

One minute he’s cool and chill and the next minute he’ll lose his $h!t and get into a full on, face to face, spit flying screaming match with the bar owner.

It’s a reality show after all, so that kind of drama keeps the viewer engaged.

But they couldn’t talk me into flying off the handle like that no matter how much they offered to pay me.

No thank you.

So I negotiated the position that I enjoy best (behind the scene consultant).

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.10.30 AMAnd as the Production Consultant my job was to do three things…

1) To bring industry congruency and “fit science” into the each episode.

2) To make the hosts look like gym business experts (easy enough since they’ve both owned training centers).

3) And to help find and prep the gym experts who’d have walk roles on different episodes.

So I sat there on set with the production team (directors, producers, and network execs) in a massive trailer with wall to wall TV monitors that were getting real time video and audio feed piped in, and helped them “direct” the show.

The first of the three episode mini season airs Sunday August 10th and you should definitely watch it since you own a fitness business and you’ll understand and appreciate the struggles that these gym owners were going through.

Sure it’s a reality show… it’s produced… and it’s got it’s fair share of drama which does make for interesting TV.

But I made sure that there’s a lot of valuable education in it for entrepreneurs, specially for folks like you who own a fitness business.

While I wasn’t much for being on the road for almost an entire month living out of hotels and having “call times” to answer to, the experience was fun, I got to help help gym owners, and Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock and the entire production crew were great people to get to know hang with.


At some point I asked a Spike TV’s executive how they had found me. He said; “we Googled fitness business expert and you came up”.

What came up was this video which leads to this page on my blog and they were hell bent on getting me on board with the show (his words).

The lesson here is to keeping sharpening your sword, to become the best at what you do, to stand out in your community, to never settle, and to market like hell because people are always watching and searching for the best in class to work with.

Committed to your success,