Fitness Business Summit 2014: Day One

Hey Gang, Josh Carter reporting in from Day One from the biggest fitness business event of the year: Fitness Business Summit 2014.

Once again I am honored to MC the most prestigious fitness marketing in existence and it is my pleasure to once again bring you these behind the scenes videos.

photo 2This year we are literally at capacity with near 600 of the top trainers form all over the world in attendance. The room it packed to the rafters.

It’s funny, because each year I think there is now way we can have a better line of up of presenters yet EVERY YEAR it gets better and better and this year is clearly no exception.

The day started of with a special treat – the audience having their minds blown by having their minds read. Yes, twin mind readers were able to get into the heads of several audience members and pull of some amazing mind tricks. Then Bedros took the stage where he revealed to us all the importance of GSD (see the video to see what that is.)

Then 6 time MMA World Champion and movie star Randy Couture shared how he at the age of 36 was able to become one of the greatest fighters of all time and how we could apply these same strategies to our lives and our businesses.

photo 3

Then from a MMA champion to a trainer of MMA champions: Martin Rooney. Watching Martin speak is an event unto itself. The guy has so much infectious energy it is crazy. You can see what this guy has over 130 locations ins 22 countries and has taught over 1 million people how to find their inner warrior.

After lunch Dr. Peter Osborne, functional medicine expert and the go-to guy for gluten issues shared his secrets to his mutli-seven figure business and how we can easily deploy strategies to have a passive income of over 100k with a few simple tactics.

Then Dr. Cody Sipe told us how we can tap into the untouched gold mine of training older clients. There is a massive population of aging people in this country who desperately need our services. Something most trainers simply overlook, and it is there for the taking.

Then it was off to the VIP dinner and the cocktail party.  Watch this exclusive “behind the scenes” video to see how it all went down…

(this video is raw with some rough edits)

Come back tomorrow, more great exclusive content to come 🙂