The Secret to Creating a Successful Personal Training Business

I shared the secret to happiness this weekend at the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference with our franchise owners.

Once I shared it, it made total sense. I could see it in everyone’s eyes.

What’s funny about it though is that I simply reconstructed what I saw in many of the Fit Body Boot Camp owners and how they live and how they operate their business.

photo 3

I’m talking about FBBC owners like…

Sean Francis
Stephanie Flynn
Johnny Bocobo
Javier Rodriguez
Tien Do
Craig Culkin and Ryan Hodgson
Leandro Cabico
Bryce Henson
Katie Switzer
Ahmed and Kathy Tafti
Nadine VandenHeuvel
Shawna Kaminski
John and Cara Eckerman
Sonya Gonzalez
Egan and Marcia Inoue

…and hundreds of other FBBC owners who are genuinely HAPPY because their business is dialed in, they don’t stress about competition, or about finding new clients…

…they’ve got systems in place that allow them to take time off, travel, contribute to their community, and to enjoy their freedom.

That’s real happiness.

And for most people, happiness = security, freedom, and fulfillment.

The best way I know to have security, freedom, and fulfillment is to have money.

And in our business, money comes from one place – our clients.

And our BEST clients come from referrals.

If you want referrals, you can’t just ask for it, you’ve got to earn it and you’ll know you’ve earned it when you retain your clients for the long haul and deliver the results that they want and expect from your program.

Sure, you can run referral contests to try and squeeze your existing clients for referrals, but ultimately, if you’re not making the effort to EARN your referrals by creating that WOW experience and delivering results in your boot camp or personal training business then you’re seriously underestimating the power of “word of mouth”. Your reputation means a lot, especially if you own your own personal training business, so start delivering the WOW experience in your business as soon as possible.

photo 4And don’t just stop at delivering results, exceed their expectations always. Over-deliver on your promise to get your clients results and your word of mouth reputation will grow and the referrals will come naturally.

Not only that, you’ll retain those referrals as clients for a longer period than if you were to stop WOWing them after you delivered them results.

That’s the formula

HAPPINESS = freedom > money > clients > referrals > results

All this is nothing new of course… Zig Ziglar has been saying it for years.

If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you need.

After spending a whole weekend with Fit Body Boot Camp owners from all over the globe, I was blown away with how professional, committed, and passionate they are about what they do and the clients they serve.

In fact, at the FBBC World Conference we gave awards for three categories…

Silver – $200K gross annual income
Gold – $350K gross annual income
Platinum – $500K gross annual income

What impressed me most is that more than a third of the FBBC owners in the ballroom fell into one of the three categorizes above.

That’s pretty impressive for a franchise that’s only been around for three years.

But as much as I’d like to take credit for their success… the truth is we, at the FBBC HQ, are only partly responsible for it.

See, the REAL reason FBBC owners are so successful is because they’re passionate about what they do, the people they serve, and it shows in how they marketing, sell, train, do business and get involved with their community. That makes all the difference. They’re the ones out who are out there making it happen for themselves because they understand how important it is to take immediate action.

What’s even more interesting is that at the FBBC World Conference this weekend not a single presenter talked about how to market, get leads, or how to sell.

That’s because they didn’t have to.

To me, that’s HUGE because it says a LOT about the systems that we’ve been able to create, automate, and teach at the HQ that helps FBBC owners get more leads, prospects, and clients. It also speaks volumes about on how important it is to “trust the process”.

Because the more we can help FBBC owners automate their website, marketing, sales, and systems… the more time they’ll have at doing what they do best which is to deliver the WOW experience and the RESULTS that FBBC is known for.

photo 6

And since results = happiness, it just makes sense to deliver more of it 😉

Committed to your success,
Bedros Keuilian

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