5 Steps To A Successful Transformation Program

Guest Post by Rob King

Right now the fitness industry is unfortunately headed toward the Costco/Walmart business model. Using this approach, they are looking to sell for less while trying to make up the profits by sheer volume.

Obviously this works in a commodities market, but fitness is a service and an experience. It isn’t something that you sell once, and your customer takes home with them.

Places like LA Fitness & Planet Fitness are offering memberships for as low as $10 a month and independent small businesses suffer. How do gym owners or personal trainers compete with this crazy price war?1017187_10152923950755296_289340219_n

First off, we shouldn’t compete with the big box gyms because just as Bedros says, big box gyms sell memberships or access to equipment – we sell results and that is far more valuable than simply having access to a big room of equipment.

So attempting to compete with big box gyms on price is asinine.

Something else that I learned a long time ago from Bedros, is that when everyone is doing one thing, you should do the exact opposite.

You need to provide value and service, not offer the lowest prices.

Enter Body Transformation Programs.

I consider myself  the “King” of body transformations.  While every other fitness business around me is selling memberships for less and less, I decided to do something different and focus on body transformations. This creates way more value than just a gym membership. However, my goal was to not only to offer body transformations, but to be the BEST at them.

They say there’s very little traffic on the extra mile. When you are the best at something, you will always be busy, and your value to the marketplace will always be higher.

Create a “Category Of One”.

Here are 5 ways that I create killer body transformation programs that benefit my business and get me clients.

1. Get Amazing Results: The bottom line is that results matter. You can be great at sales, marketing, social media and anything else, but if you get poor to average results, don’t expect lineups out your door like I get at Heavyweights Training Center.

SheenaVickersPeople want results, and they want them now. As technology evolves, people become less patient. If I can get you ripped in 42 days versus ripped in 182 days, which program are you going to choose? My guess is that you’d choose the program that gets you ripped in 42 days, and save yourself the extra time.

If you use the program and you get the results, you’ll come back. So, step one is to have a program that actually works. Get amazing results and guarantee them. Make a promise. Keep a promise.

2. Be Unique: You need to be the “purple cow.” Make it your spirit animal. Let it lead you to success! Think about it like this: you pass cows in your car all the time. You probably never notice them. What if you passed a field with cows, but one was purple?  It wouldn’t matter if there were 25 other cows in the field; the only one you would notice would be the purple one! Basically, the “purple cow” is a metaphor for the eye-catching uniqueness your model needs to embody. In the arena of fitness competition, YOU need to stand out that much.

P90X and “Body For Life” are great examples of being unique in the fitness industry.

P90X positions itself as “Extreme Home Fitness.” Since working out at home is generally not associated with a really hardcore routine, P90X piques the client’s interest right away, with their concept of being “extreme” in their marketing.  These intense home workouts are pretty unique when compared to other fitness dvd’s. (It’s definitely not your mom’s copy of “Sweating to the Oldies”).

“Body For Life’s” “purple cow” lies in how they market themselves as being for all ages and both genders. They don’t promise instant results, but they do promise that results are achievable, whether you’re male or female, 20 or 65. They make a point of promoting the message that all are welcome, and everyone can change.jeff thistle

It was with this type of uniqueness in mind that I created “Ripped in 42.” I promoted it as a chance to get “A New Body In Only 42 Days -Guaranteed!”  “Ripped in 42” is a unique, catchy name, a promise, a time frame and a guarantee all in one.

Be sure to create something unique with your own personality and branding.

3. Create An Experience & Community: People join for results, but they stay for the experience. Our workouts and programs are intense. We continuously offer exciting workout challenges, team competitions, high-energy coaching, and opportunities for constant improvement and education. We aim to go way beyond just being a gym, and create an experience.

Walking into Heavyweights Training Center every night is like witnessing a fitness rock concert. The energy hits you in the face. This is exactly what I want. I want for my gym to be my clients’ “3rd place.”

Most people have two main places; work and home. I want HWTC to occupy a third welcoming space. More important than your training and nutrition programming is your COMMUNITY. I can’t stress this enough. My goal with my gym was to create the “Cheers” of fitness.  (A place where everybody knows your name!)

4. Leverage Your Results via Social Media:  My gym is always full, and my main marketing tool is my clients’ results paired with social media. We take our clients’ body transformations and succeJodyhollowayss stories, and built them into our online community. This becomes a funnel for more pre-qualified clients. They see the success of their spouses, family, friends, and co-workers, and our programs go viral.

As well, our successful clients become raving fans because of their own results and happiness. That kind of marketing cannot be bought!

5. Celebrate Your Victories. Work hard. Play hard. At HWTC, we believe in “celebrating our victories.” On our final day of our 42-day programs, we take it up a notch. The final day, our “graduation day,” has become an all-day event. We take final weigh-ins, after pictures, measurements, interviews, candid photos and more.

Then, we rent out a private facility for all of our clients to eat or drink with us and celebrate their success. This is a huge motivator for a lot of us. After the party we take a week off, and then we start it all over again.

I highly recommend you take the time to create a body transformation program that you can believe in, and build your success on.  If your methods are solid, and you put in the effort to set yourself apart and you are focused on consistent improvement, you WILL get the results. Get out there and create a successful transformation experience that impacts your success and the lives of your clients!

Rob King


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