How to Create an Info Product in 12 Days

Guest Post by Shawna Kaminski

Yes, you read that correctly. I should qualify that further: ‘How to Create an Info Product in 12 Days and TAKE HOME $8G Profit in 4 Days’.

ShawnaKHey, I’m Shawna K. and I’m probably the ‘oldest’ info marketer on the planet. Seriously people, if an old goat like me can do this gig, you can too. (But you have to be stubborn and you have to work hard). It also helps to be connected to the right people, but the good news is there is no LUCK involved. You don’t need to be ‘discovered’ or introduced to the right folks, they are RIGHT in front of you. I’m connected to Bedros and to Craig Ballantyne. They really are an inspiration and major source of support to me.

More on that and how YOU can get connected coming up…

I want to give you some tips to get a program up and running and making money in only 12 days. If I could swing this launch, then anyone can because, while I’m committed to my online business, I’m equally committed to my offline business too (I run Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp when I’m not info marketing).

Craig gave me the brilliant idea to create a jump rope program on July 3rd . He suggested that I try to launch it by the end of July. I tend to be competitive and I took it as a personal challenge: my goal was to get the program launched AND have1000 buyers. After all, Craig says to set a goal and cut the time in half, so that’s what I did (and I doubled the number of units I thought I could sell).

Not only did I launch the program in only two weeks, I managed to get 1500+ buyers as well.

Here are a few tips for you to follow to find YOUR online success:

Get a big idea – You need to call upon Google and take a look at what’s out there. It’s important to find a hole in the market and then fill it. You don’t want to have a ‘me too’ product, that is, one that everyone is creating, you need to be original. Craig’s idea for a jump rope plan definitely filled a gap in the market.

Considering the time or season you market your product is of importance too. Since many people travel in the summer or are looking to do something outdoors, the jump rope program was a great fit for many. Also, jump rope and bodyweight workouts are marketable to a variety of niches, so I had a wide-open audience to market to. These are important considerations.

Outline your plan– Once you get an idea, get moving. I slept on the jump rope idea for ONE night and then went to work. Surprising to most, product creation is the EASIEST and FASTEST part of the process. I drew out a plan for the flow of the program including the main program and three upsells. It’s great to have a low barrier offer as your main product and then create complimentary programs that will enhance the results of the main program. If you don’t have ideas for upsells, buy some similar products and see what others are offering as upsells. Learn by observing.

Price your program to sell. You may not make a ton of cash on the sale of the main program of a low barrier offer, but you can capitalize on the upsell flow to bring in a little more moola on the back end. An additional bonus is that any buyer you get, even at a low price point, will now be a customer that you can sell other products to.

Take imperfect action – Too many people will sit on an idea and stew over every detail. For the jump rope plan, I decided to do ‘coaching’ videos for each workout. I didn’t wait for EVERYTHING to be perfect for the videos. I could have had better lighting, sound, staging etc. I could have waited to have a film crew. The point is, I just moved ahead, taking imperfect action and you should too, (on all aspects of your product). Do your best, and since you’re a professional and you know your craft then it will likely be good enough to start.

We get paid for DONE. There’s always time to make improvements in a 2.0 version of your product once you get feedback.

Save your money – You can get carried away with spending thousands of dollars on website design or graphics, video taping, SEO etc. There’s NO need for this. You can create a product on a shoestring. A website will cost well under $500, this includes getting support with getting your method of payment hooked up (I use Clickbank). An experienced resource is Pete and Kelly at Pinecone Computing ( You can go to to have graphics made on the cheap. You can use a flip cam (I have a Kodak zi8) and tripod and a remote (or a teenager in your house 😉 to do your filming.

Just get your product out there. It’s a case of using Bedros’ method of ‘ready, shoot, aim’. Your website, product, videos, etc need not be perfect. It just needs to be done. You need to get your message out there with a method of payment for the product. Craig always says that someone is hurting because they don’t have your solution. Give them an opportunity to solve their problem with YOUR solution (your product).

Recruit – Here’s where it’s handy to have a stable of stallions (or affiliates) ready to sell your product for you. This is also where Bedros and Craig come in. They’ve created the perfect community where you not only get their knowledge and support but they hook you up with all the ‘cool kids’ in the online community that will help you.

I’m part of their info mastermind along with many other action-taking marketers. We’re a team that support and cheer each other onto success. If I have a problem, I put it to the Google group (a special group set up for info members). On any posted problem, I have several people chime in right away to problem solve. If I want to spruce up my sales copy, I set up a copy logic meeting with others in the group. When it comes time to launch a product, I call on them to be my affiliates. Actually, our info mastermind feels more like a family than a business group. If this sounds appealing to you, you can learn more about the info mastermind at

Back to recruitment….

When it comes to your launch, your affiliates are a big part of your team. Make it easy for them with done for you email swipe copy. Keep them informed through out the process and give them as much time as possible to prepare for your launch. Create great content for their lists so you bring value to their readers. In addition to offering a solid product for them, promote their products and build good will so they are happy to work with you. Teamwork means helping other team members too.

In conclusion…

In a month’s time I’ll be ‘rinse and repeating’ this entire process with another program. By creating a program over a weekend, I was able to boost my list size by 1500+ and add thousands of dollars to my bottom line. I was able to move with a quickness because I have access to the best knowledge and a bit of experience.

Don’t get caught up in too many details.

Ready, shoot, aim.

Course correct as you go, but get started. You’ll learn more by failing forward than standing still. You may not get a product up and selling in 12 days, but it certainly shouldn’t take you 12 months either.

If you want to check out my program to use as a model or to use with your clients, head to

Challenge Jump Rope

And my best advice is to ‘buy speed’ by getting a mentor, joining a team of like-minded individuals that will help you along the way.

Here’s a big shout out to Bedros and Craig for all their support.

Shawna Kaminski