How to Hire a Fitness Business Coach

With all of the different social media and deal-of-the-day sites out there, marketing a personal training business seems easier and cheaper than ever. There are all sorts of free business resources on the Internet, all of which are only a click away. And not to mention Youtube, where you could spend hours and hours watching different “expert” opinions on running a fitness business.

But there is still so much value in hiring a fitness business coach, especially if you’re new to the personal training industry and want to accelerate your business growth.

Let me explain why…

As an owner or operator of a personal training business, you’ll be faced with a lot of new situations and challenges that you’ve probably never had to deal with before. You’ll need to learn how to adapt or change in order to grow.

It’s pretty common for ambitious personal trainers to want to open a fitness business, but it’s also pretty common that most personal trainers don’t have enough business know-how and become easily frustrated when their business just isn’t earning what they thought it could.

Some might look at hiring a fitness business coach as an expense, however when you’ve racked up your credit cards to build out your fitness center and realize that building a better mouse trap doesn’t necessarily mean getting more clients – then you quickly come to the conclusion that knowing how to market, promote, and drum up business is critical to your success.

This is where your fitness business coach comes in. A good business coach will be able to take your personal training or fitness boot camp business to the next level by helping you to conquer the issues and problems that are affecting your business before they get out of control. By offering different solutions tailored to meet your specific fitness business needs, your business coach can tailor a specific success blueprint with you.

Their knowledge and experience of being in the fitness industry will help you to develop and implement the best goal-oriented business plan to make sure that you’re successful both in your personal and professional life – because lets face it, it’s easy to get sucked into your work and end up burnt out and frustrated after working month after month of long hours.

After all, the whole point of starting a successful fitness business is so that you can afford the life you’ve always wanted… freedom. Money is just a vehicle that gets you there, and without proper systems in place set by your fitness business coach, your business could crumble before it even got started.

But not all business coaches and coaching programs are the same. Be carful when searching out a personal training business coach because there are way too many people who claim to be “gurus” and experts, but have no track record of actual proof. So do your research, and be willing to pay a little more to work with the best business coach. This is your livelihood we’re talking about.

Now that you understand why you need fitness business coaching, I’ll share with you some tips on how to hire the best fitness business coach for yourself.

Fitness Business CoachDo Your Research

First off, do extensive research on any person that you’re considering hiring as your coach. Who is this “fitness business expert” and why should I hire them? Those are the two questions that you should be asking yourself during your search.

You wouldn’t hire an employee without doing a background check, right? Do Google searches and Facebook searches. And since the fitness industry is tight-nit, ask your peers if they’ve ever heard of your potential new business consultant.

Find out their specific qualifications and critically think about whether or not this person would be an asset to growing your business. Is this a person really a mentor to others, or were they just lucky enough to see some personal success in the fitness industry? This is important because you’re going to want someone who really knows what they’re doing, not flying by the seat of their pants.

Also, it’s critical to the success of your business to find a fitness business mentor that you mesh well with. It’s all about the dynamic between you and your coach.

Style of Coaching

There are a few different styles of fitness business coaching. They can range from over the phone, in person, and online consulting to in-person masterminds, fitness business courses, and coaching programs.

Choosing the right one depends on how you prefer to learn. Think about what you need for your business and decide whether you need a more hands on approach or just a little push in the right direction. By doing this, you set yourself up for greater success in the long run.

Avoid coaches who make attractive promises without offering solid fitness business advice. Remember that a successful fitness business coaching program will be one that provides you with a coach who understands what you need for your specific business.

Good Business Plan = Growing Business

After you’ve found a fitness business coach that you like and trust, work together on crafting the perfect business plan. A good business plan will be one that outlines your short and long term goals as well as how to accomplish them.

Business coaches, the strong ones anyway, will show you the tools and processes to help you improve your business performance and personal image, help you solve business problems and increase tactical thinking, and guide you along the path of converting your vision into a reality. By developing a business plan with your coach, you’ll feel more confident about going out and accomplishing your goals.

Accountability is another huge factor in finding the right fitness business coach for you and your business. Your business coach should truly care about the success of your business and hold you accountable when you don’t follow the business plan created by you and your coach.

Remember that the role of a fitness business coach is more than just teaching you how to run your business. Their roles also include being your advisor, mentor, and consultant that, after evaluating your needs, help you create and put systems in place to build your business’ strength.

Beat the CompetitionFitness Business Expert

Hiring a fitness business expert will set you apart from your top competitors because they can give you inside knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. Not only that, a good business coach will engage you in an honest and unbiased conversation on the negatives on your personal training business.

Knowing your negatives is the best way to grow your business and crush the competition. If you find yourself with a business coach that only gives you positive feedback instead of honestly telling you what’s wrong, then get rid of them as soon as possible. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Understand that the outcome is based upon how much effort you are willing to put towards growing your personal training business. The success your business directly depends on two things… first, the quality, skill set, and teaching ability of your fitness business coach, and secondly, how devoted you are to following the plans and actions set forth by your coach.

And if you’re ready, I’d love to coach you on growing your personal training business, fitness center, or boot camp and help you take it to massive success. Just contact me to learn more.