you’re making a big mistake

I thought she was going to cry when I told her that she
was making a big mistake… but she’s a lot tougher than
I thought.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, I’ll get to “her” in a

Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas was where the action was
at this weekend.

That’s where I was holding the 7 Figure Formula
Mastermind meeting with 22 highly motivated fitness
pros from all over the U.S., Canada, and UK.
Now, every member of this mastermind group is totally
driven and laser focused on getting to their goals.

Our job (Cabel McElderry and I) was to give each
trainer at the mastermind meeting their next set of
marching orders for the upcoming 90 days.

Since early March one member of this group has
added another $8,600 a month in recurring revenue…

…it takes some serious fitness marketing prowess for that to happen.

Another trainer just hit $79,000 a month in revenue
with her personal training business and is just now
opened up a Fit Body Boot Camp as a second
location where she can run the business with less
staff, less overhead costs, reach more clients, and
take home higher profits.

I explain how that works here in this video if you want
to learn more about leveraging a fitness business.

Any how, the members in the 7 Figure Formula
mastermind are really solid trainers…

…some are making multiple six figures already, others
like Cabel, who was once a member of this very group,
and is now helping me run the mastermind is generating
over 1.2 million dollars a year with his personal training
studio and Fit Body Boot Camp location.

Yet others in the group just broke the $100K a year mark
and they’re driven to double, and triple that number over
the months to come.

And then there are the brand new members of the group…

trainers who just got on board at Fitness Business Summit 13
a couple months ago and they’re driven as they come and
passionate as can be.

These new members are the ones that excite me the most
becuase for many of them, just the cost of the mastermind,
the travel, and hotel alone are enough to set them into a

It’s not like they’re making six figures… yet.

Some of them had to scrape together the money just to get
on board with the mastermind.

It takes balls, determination, and drive to put yourself so
far out of your comfort zone like a few of these new
mastermind members have.

And that’s why they’ll work harder than anyone else,
and they’ll come back to Fitness Business Summit 14
next year, take the stage, and share their story of triumph
and success just like Cabel, Sean Francis, Megan Kruger,
Sonya Gonzalez, John and Cara Eckerman, and Mike
Whitefield have.

Every single one of these success stories started off
wondering how they were going to pay for their coaching
program – but made the decision to do it anyway becuase
there’s always a way.

I remember writing a check for $25,000 to join my first
mastermind group. I also remember having to scrape up
money together just to be able to write that big check.

It was scary paying out that much money for something,
but I knew what I wanted to achieve and I was hell bent
on achieving it, so I found a way to pay for it.

Like I said, it was scarey.

But I can tell you this… I was the one who was paying
the most attention in that group. And I was the one who
took his marching orders, put them into action, and within
60 days had generated $95,000 in new revenue from an
idea I got at that first mastermind meeting I attended.

Yes indeed… the right coaching, from the right coach can
literally change your life in a short 60-90 days.

Back to the mastermind this weekend…

As we went around the room doing “hot seats” with
everyone there we finally got to one of our newest
mastermind members, we’ll call her “Sandy”.

Right off the bat Sandy jokingly said: “take it easy
on me, or you’ll make me cry”.

Even though she was joking… I could tell that she
was very serious about that statement.

Clearly she was new to the group and had no idea
what a lovable and non-intimidating teddy bear I was.

As she started off sharing her business model,
her revenue, her payroll, her expenses, and her
marketing strategies (which didn’t really exist), we
quickly figured out that in the four years that she’s
been running her personal training studio she has
yet to pay herself.

Some months her studio would break even.

Other months she would be upside down.

When it was time for her to ask what she needed
help with the most, guess what she said?


Sandy wanted help with systems…

systems like operations, hiring and firing, and systems
to help her better manage her staff.

I was doing all I could to keep myself cool, calm
and collected.

I didn’t want to come off to harsh and make her cry,
at least not at her first mastermind.

So I took three steps towards “Sandy”, and with the same
soft voice I use to speak to my five year old daughter Chloe,
I forced a gentle smile on my face and said…

You’re making a big mistake, Sandy.

The LAST thing that Sandy needs in her business right
now is systems.

What she needs at this very moment is money.

And money comes from marketing and selling.

Nothing else.

I proceeded to tell here, and the rest of the mastermind

I don’t know if you know this or not, but you are in business
to make money.

The only way you’ll be able to help more people in your
community is by making money.

The more money you make, the more people you will help.

And you know what’s great about making more money?

It’s solves the #1 problem that you have right now and
that’s the problem of not having enough money.

More systems are not going to give you a better business.

More clients will.

And when you have more clients, and more money, then
you can hire someone to dial in your systems for you.

Or you can go out and buy a program that will help you
create better systems in your business.

They’re a dime a dozen for crying out loud!

But right now Sandy, YOU NEED MORE MONEY

And the only way that’s going to happen is if you start
deploying better marketing strategies so that you can
attract more prospects – and then you need to become
a better closer so that you can convert those prospects
into paying clients.

Do you understand what I’m saying to you, Sandy?

The room fell silent.

Apparently my passion overtook me and I raised my
voice, was pacing back and forth, and my soft smile
had morphed into some sort of a grimace.

Of course, by the time I realized this, it was too late.

Sandy looked at me… I kept my eyes locked onto hers…

…and all of the sudden she cracked a huge smile and
simple said: Yep, I totally get it!


We proceeded to give her three ways that she can build
her email list in the next 60 days.

And then gave her two email promotions… one to send
out to her current list of 160 people. And another to send
out in 60 days when her local email list grows to 500 or so.

We also gave her a simple strategy that she can use
this week to get leads and referrals from local businesses.

And finally, we showed her how to use a proven Facebook
client getting funnel to generate more buzz and leads right

For Sandy, and maybe for you too, the answer is not about
more systems, ore more certifications, or more equipment,
or more staff…

It’s about more marketing – the kind that works at getting
you more leads, prospects, and referrals.

And it’s about selling those leads, prospects and referrals
more of your personal training or boot camp programs.


When you want more clients, do the things that will
get you more clients…

Market better and sell relentlessly.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Get ready to use fitness marketing resources here.