How to get personal training clients from Facebook

Three Ways to Get MORE Clients From Facebook

There are way too many chefs in the kitchen these days as it relates to
Facebook marketing.

Everyone is an expert all of a sudden…

Any time I hear the words “social media expert” I tune out.

Wanna know why? The “experts” aren’t spending $20,000 a month
on Facebook marketing like I am.

I’ve been doing that for the last three year.

And I’m a fanatic tester and tracker…

…so if I weren’t making a sick ROI on my investment each and every
month, I wouldn’t be dumping $20K a month into Facebook ads,
promotions, and sponsored stories.

And just because buying traffic works for me, doesn’t mean that it’s
gonna work for you.

So it would be down right stupid for you to look at what I do, and try
to model it.

Not to mention the fact that what you would see from the outside
looking in is not even close to what I’m really doing…

my funnels are complex and involve multiple steps – PLUS I know
the lifetime value of my clients, I know how many people each month
ascend up to my higher level programs and I use all of those
facts to determine how and how much to invest in my Facebook

So lesson one: Don’t model my Facebook strategy because you’ll
lose your shirt with a quickness.

Luckily for you, I also get to work closely with my coaching clients

and with our Fit body Boot Camp owners so I get to see what’s
working for HUNDREDS of trainers worldwide, and not just for
a small group.

In fact, since we run the Facebook campaigns for our FBBC owners
in house I get to see all of the metrics on click troughs, conversions,
opt ins, and even purchases.

For example when Sean Francis opened up his Fit Body Boot Camp
location a couple months ago and we helped him set up Facebook
book promotions, squeeze pages, and opt in pages we were able to
help him get his first 100 clients within six days.

The ads were perfectly targeted.

The message was right on.

And the grand opening offer price was totally compelling.

And when another FBBC owner wanted to build an email list quickly,
we ran different types of ads for her to even different squeeze pages
and she got 76 new people added to her list for just under $50 bucks.

Just running a 14 Day Fat Furnace email promo to that list will get
her 8-12 new promotional clients, getting her investment back 1,000%.

Then she’ll end up keeping 3-5 of those people as full paying clients
with a lifetime client value of $2,004 per client.

It’s not always about paid ads and promotions though…

There are a ton of free stuff you can do on Facebook to get more
leads and clients.

Here are a few campaigns that I’ve seen perform best, so start with
these first.

Method 1: The Viral Tag

One of the best ways to engage your fans is to post photos to your
Timeline and onto your clients Timeline (with their permission) and
give them props and recognition.

Why is this important?  Simply put when you tag someone in an
image, all of their friends will see it too. To take that a step further if
you post a photo of a before and after (social proof) their friends will
not hesitate to praise them and give them feedback.

That gives YOU the opportunity to start communication with them and
invite them to try out your training program too.

It’s the coolest and most “under the radar” way to sell, without selling.

Method 2: The Check In

When someone comes into your personal training facility with their smart
phone you can encourage them to check in. In fact this should be standard
part of your fitness marketing system.

Most mobile users will know how to do this already, but just in case they
don’t – you need to. When a user checks in their friends see it in their
timeline.  And beyond that each check in is literally a show of support
for your business. It’s like a mini-testimonial each time they check in.

Method 3: The Facebook Squeeze Page

One of the keys to Facebook marketing is keeping users WITHIN
Facebook for as long as possible – it’s a ‘trusted space’ for the user.

Once they leave Facebook a certain measure of trust is lost.

So the longer we can keep them within Facebook’s four walls the greater
the level of trust.

So it just makes sense to drop you squeeze page (a simple web page that
makes an offer for a special report in exchange for email addresses) into
a Facebook fan page tab and not on your website somewhere.

Facebook has given us the ability to create a customized tab on our fan
pages and within that tab you can place almost any kind of site or squeeze

So you can take any of the squeeze page codes and cut and paste it into
your Facebook fan page tab and you now have a squeeze page on Facebook
to send traffic to.

That’s a nice and easy way to build your email list with a quickness by either
running targeted ads to that page, or by asking your clients to post a link to
that page for a free report on their wall for all their friends to see.

Free traffic and leads.

So forget about all the cool fancy things that people claim to be working for
them. The more you complicate something the scarier it gets and the less
likely you are to do it.

The three Facebook clients getting tactics I showed you above have worked
for a large group of trainers – so they’re likely to work for you, too.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

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