Six Things EVERY Fitness Business Owner Should Know

One thing I don’t talk about much are the years that I worked at the
magic kingdom – Disneyland.

I started off as a busman clearing and cleaning tables at Carnation
Cafe on Main St. Then I moved up to fry cook, then dinner cook,
and ultimately got into Disney’s Sous Chef program. 

It’s nothing special really… Sous Chef simply means “under” chef…
in other words; working under and taking direct orders from the
HEC Head Executive Chef – who at the time was this angry Austrian
dude with a heavy accent and unrealistic expectations of what
food should look like before it was served to the guests. 

One day a fellow Sous chef prepped a plate of food and was about
to put it up on the board (where the servers pick up the orders) when
the angry Austrian HEC grabbed the plate from the board, got in
the other Sous chefs face, and belted out in his heavy accent…

“Dees beef sztroganoff is unacceptable… make it larger than life!”  

Then he tossed the entire plate and food into the bus tub and made
the Sous chef remake the plate.
This was pretty standard practice for him. Only this time, I wasn’t the
one being yelled at for once.
But the head chef had a point. 

Whatever goes wrong in the kitchen falls on the Sous chef.

As the Sous chef you’re in charge of the kitchen and the staff. 

That means that anytime the fry cook, dinner cook, desert chef, and
the salad tosser, yep. that’s what we jokingly called the salad prep
position guy
, screwed up it’s on you. 

Head executive chef could walk into the restaurant, see that the fries
are over crisp and walk right by the fry cook and get on your case
about it – because you’re the Sous chef. 

As the Sous chef you have to know what’s going on in all five
positions in the kitchen and, in fact, you have to be the best at each
of the positions. 

As long as you had your finger on the pulse of those five positions
the HEC would stay off your back and the kitchen would run like a
well oiled machine. 

It’s the same way in your training business. 

There are a LOT of moving parts in any training business. 

And if you have staff such as an assistant and other trainers then
it’s even more critical that you have your finger on the pulse of
a few very important metrics. 

In fact there are six key factors that determine success… 

1. Your profit pace
2. how predictable your marketing and client attraction systems are
3. how organized and systematized your business is

4. how happy your clients are with your service
5. how often you raise your prices
6. how you track your core metrics (sales, retention, and client value) 

I recorded this webinar for you where I teach you how to fix these
factors in your training business right away. 

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian