Behind the Scenes at Fitness Business Summit 2013: Day One

Hey gang, it’s Josh Carter. I am once again privileged to be here to give you some exclusive “behind the scenes” access to the biggest fitness business event of the year.

This year did not start with a bang, but rather a Psy. (you gotta watch the video to see what I mean)

From there we went to top tier speakers like Sean Francis, Cabel McElderry, Jeff Sherman and of course the man himself Bedros Keuilian (who actually gave 2 killer presentations today.) As usual they did not hold back and gave away some of their best tactics for a successful fitness business.

The only thing that matched the level of content being delivered was the energy in the room. FBS 2013 is off to a *STRONG* start boys and girls.

Check out this video to see what I mean…

Stay tuned for more back stage antics tomorrow!