L3 Client Getting System – Swipe and Deploy

This past Friday we had over 300 fitness pros watching the Live web cast – my first – where I taught the L3 Client Getting System.

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If you missed the live web cast, then you’re about the get the info that I shared LIVE right here and now… PLUS you’re going to get the email and phone script swipe files that I gave away to everyone on the Live web cast (you’ll find the download link below after I teach you how to run the L3 Client Getting System).


First off, when you think about where you get your best clients from, you’ll realize that your best clients come from referrals… like from your current clients.

Why do you think that is?

Because your current clients already know, like, and trust you. They already view you as an expert and as a person of authority in your field, so it’s easy for them to pass the know, like and trust factor on over to their friends, family and co-workers.

And that makes it a whole lot easier for you to convert these prospects into paying clients.

Email marketing works the same way…

Over weeks and months, as people start getting your content rich e-newsletters, case study email broadcasts, and free reports you begin to establish the know, like, and trust factor with your email subscribers as well. And then when you have a promotion that I’ve crafted for you like the 14 Day fat Furnace, or the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program, or Six Week Transformation contest – you get more people into your program.

Establishing your likeability, trust, and expert status is critical when you’re selling fitness programs that range from $150 – $600 a month.

Lets face it, that’s not an impulse purchase and that’s why traditional advertising doesn’t work for us in the fitness industry.

Folks gotta get to you you, your program, and they need to understand what they get when they invest all that money. I think sometimes as trainers we forget about all of that and just try to make the sale without building much rapport, likability, trust, or expert status – which ends up back firing.

Another example of this is when a local business refers their clients and customers to you… those leads are easier to sell, they have way less buyer’s resistance, and they typically end up signing up for your high end programs.


Because those leads know, like, and trust the business who referred you… and that business is transferring their know, like, trust factor on over to you when they refer you.


…because the people come to you pre-sold because the know, like, and trust factor has already been established.

Now if you’re wondering what the L3 Client Getting System is, it’s Lunch, Learn, and Leverage.

See, most trainers who do lunch and learns for local businesses go about it all wrong. In fact there make three critical mistakes which will cause you to get 70-80% less clients from these lunch and learns.

1) Most will go to the wrong businesses that are either poorly qualified, like ones that are warehouse based jobs – they’ll never join a program because they believe that they have “active” job and therefor don’t need fitness program to follow.

I know… they’re wrong. But do you really want to sit there and try to convince them otherwise, or just move on to people who KNOW they need to workout and eat right and are just waiting for the right reason, motivation, or offer to get started.

2) The other big mistake is to go to businesses that are way too big, like 50, 100 or more employees and they either never make it through all the gate keepers and hoops they have to jump through to even do the lunch and learn. Or they try to convince the business to pay for the each employees program as part of a corporate wellness kind of deal.

fitness marketing systemsThat’s not a lunch and learn. That’s more like a crash and burn.

Look, the bigger the business the more detached they are from their employee and the harder it is for them to get all of their employees to one lunch break.

And they certainly are not going to pony up money for each of their employees to go and workout with you. Even if they did… since the employee is not paying for the program they’re not going to see value in it and there they’re likely not going to stick to the program.

I know there are the exceptions… but we’re not going to build a business on exceptions… we want to build it on predictability

3) Finally, the third big mistake most trainers make when running a lunch and learn is actually making an offer right then and there for the employee to act on – which they will not do – because they still know know, like, and trust you.


Step one: Shoot for businesses that have 10 – 100 employees max. Your clients may own these business or work there, so ask them first.

Step two: Send each business the “intro email” I’ve crafted for you which you can download below.

Step three: Follow up the intro email with a phone call 48 hours later (You can get the phone script below, too).

There’s something you should know right about now… don’t give up after sending out the first email if you don’t get any calls or emails.

The first email is there for you to have as a reason to follow up with a call – which REALLY does the selling. So if you stop trying after the first email, you’re gonna miss out BIG TIME.

Step four: Once you book the Lunch and Learn you can do one of two things…

1. Let them know that the staff can bring their own lunch and enjoy it while you teach.

2. And this is what I would do if I were you… YOU BUY THEM LUNCH. When talking to these business let them know that you’ll be teaching some really good stuff like how to read food labels, best way to shop at a grocery store to avoid the fatty and processed foods, what exercises are best to flatten the belly and burn maximum fat, why traditional cardio that most people do in the gym is the most inefficient way to burn fat.

Step five: Keep your presentation to 30 minutes or so… make it fun, content rich, and motivating. Than take questions.

Now, this is where most trainers will try to sell them or offer them something low cost or even free. DON’T be that that trainer.

Remember, you want to build the know, like, trust factor as well as your expert status. And one of the best ways to do that is to give value, and lot of it, first and foremost – reciprocity – – which his one of the greatest weapons of influence.

Step six: Instead of making an offer and getting turned down by most of the people there at the lunch and learn, just let them know that you have one more thing you want to give them… a fat loss report or ebook, and you are going to email them this report. So pass around a clip board and ask everyone there to give you their first name and email address – don’t ask for a phone number, not yet, unless you want to spook them out.

Step seven:
When you get home send them email number 2 – the post event email (which you can download in the swipe file below).

Basically that email pretty much thanks them for attending the lunch and learn, is your opportunity to attach the free report to that you promised them, and also offers them a free week to come and try your program out in the coolest way possible. how to sell personal training

See, when you run your lunch and learn this way, you’ll get a TON more leads because the whole time you’re coming to them with the giving hand, tons of value, and only after establishing your know, like, and trust factor are you offering them a free week to try your program out. And even then, it’s just another opportunity to build your likability and trust factor so that when you ask them to choose a program some time during that one week trial program, they’re way more likely to say yes.

Now then – click here to download the two emails, phone script and L3 Client Getting blueprint check list – it’s free. <== SWIPE FILE

Let me know if you have any questions by leaving it in the comment box below.

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