How To Get Personal Training Clients Easily

This time of year, there’s only one reason to have 50
plastic Easter eggs and $3,000 in cash on hand.

Fitness Business Summit It’s become a Fitness Business Summit tradition…

and at the moment Andrew and Chloe (7 and 5) are loading
all of those Easter eggs up with loot so we can throw them
out to the audience at FBS13 in a couple weeks.

Good times!

While the child labor train is steady chugging along
at the dining room table, I thought I’d send you this
email and teach you the “magic formula” that I shared
with about 100 dentists at a seminar I spoke at on

Now, in general I don’t speak at non-fitness industry

In fact, I don’t even speak at any of the fitness industry
events, unless, of course, it’s my own event… that’s becuase
most all other event’s are out right lame and straight up
pitch fests.

Anyhow… I digress

= The Magic Client Attraction Formula =

Like I shared with the dentists on Friday, what you sell is
NOT an impulse purchase, and it’s not sub one hundred

In other words personal training and boot camps can’t
be advertised, marketed, or promoted like most other
businesses becuase they don’t meet the criteria for
“traditional marketing” which are…

1. The product or service is an impulse purchase

2. The product or service is under $100 bucks

What you sell is something that requires folks to make
an informed and educated decision ONLY AFTER they
know, like, and trust you.

So the magic formula is this…

make your training programs fit the traditional marketing
criteria by promoting and marketing front end offers that
are short in duration and under $100 in price.

I’ve tested this out extensively and found front end programs
under $100 get the best response.

For example the 14 Day Fat Furnace Program (which you
can swipe from here) is a perfect example of a “front end”

It’s three a email sequential promotion that’s short in duration
and low in price – perfect front end offer.

The same is true for the the 21 Day Rapid fat Loss Program
and the 28 Flat Belly Formula – both of which you can swipe
from my blog (just search for them in the search

If you have an email list these promotions will produce serious
paid leads for you.

In fact these short term, sub $100 programs have worked
really well in print ads and postcards too (as long they are
going to qualified people).

I have one coaching client who emailed out the 14 Day Fat
Furnace program to prospects and customers of other
businesses like hair salons, health food stores, and day
spas  – he killed it!

In fact he told these “host” businesses that they can keep
100% of the front end money – all he wanted was the
qualified lead…

…and when someone PAYS for one of these programs that
makes them VERY qualified.

See, the thing is, you shouldn’t care about the money from
these front end offer anyway.

That’s just gravy.

In fact, our Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owners just use that
front end money to deliver more love to the new short term clients
by giving them stuff like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and FBBC
rubber bracelets during the promo period…

…you know, the ultimate client experience – in addition to
amazing workouts…

…and that makes it a whole lot easier to up-sell these new
folks who are on these short term promo programs into
long term, full price paying clients.

It’s all about the front end offer man, or woman 🙂

That’s the magic formula.

Here’s another example of using front end offers to
get folks into your program and then convert them into
log term paying clients.

We have a really good relationship with GroupOn.

In fact FBBC is GroupOn’s #1 selling fitness training
program which allows us to pretty much run national
promotions for our locations anytime we want.

For us, these promotions are all front end offers that
drive leads into FBBC locations where we treat them
like any other client, give them the ultimate experience,
and convert over 30% of them into long term paying

That’s W-A-Y better than trying to make money from
the actual deal of the day promo and automatically
assuming that these folks are “tire kickers” – which
they most certainly are not.

That’s the “Magic Formula”…

low barrier, short term, sub one-hundred dollar offers
that get them in and gives you the opportunity to build
the know, like, trust and WOW! factor.

And as long as you have a solid conversion proccess in
place you’re going to get a good number of these folks to
convert into log term, full price paying clients.

I’ll be going in-depth when I teach this stuff at the sold out
Fitness Business Summit in a couple weeks, so if you’re
one of the 500 plus fitness pros registered to attend on
March 8, 9, and 10 be prepared to get your learn on!

Committed to your success,