Who’s Your Team?

I’m in St. Petersburg Florida for the weekend
at Joel Marion’s Super Bowl party.

I think I’m the only guy here who’s not into

I’d rather play it, than watch it any day.

But the people here are cool and that’s why
I’m really here – to hang out with some cool
cats and catch up with friends.

Last night at dinner one guy asked me who
my team was.

I told him that I don’t really follow football, but
if I had to choose a team, then I’m choosing
the 49’ers since they’re from Cali.


Anyhow, we got to talking and one thing led to
another, then the conversation took a twist and
before long I found myself telling him my “crab

Now before you jump to any conclusions let
me tell you what my crab story is all about…

…becuase you’re probably thinking that it started
off as a wild and crazy night in Las Vegas, right?

Not exactly

Actually, a few years ago the wife and I went on
a cruise to Alaska, at one of the ports we decided
to walk along the water and check out what the
locals where doing.

That day, most everyone was fishing for crabs.
One crab fisherman in particular had one of those
five gallon buckets, and when I looked inside the
bucket I saw that it was about a quarter of the way
full with water and there were about five or six
crabs inside.

Fascinating stuff for a someone like me who’s
never experienced crab fishing.

Clearly this guy was on a roll and crabs were on
the menu that night for diner.

As we stood there watching the crab fisherman
do his thing I noticed that one of the crabs in his
bucket was a really ambitious one.

This little crab was climbing on top of all the
other crabs and before long he was reaching way
up with his little crab arms (or legs) and trying to
grab onto the lip of the bucket to pull himself out
I suppose.

I guess this little ambitious crab was trying to make
a run for freedom or something.

In an attempt to help the fisherman out I told him
that one of his crabs was trying to make a fast break

His reply; “Watch what happens”

Just then a couple of the crabs at the bottom of
the bucket reached up, grabbed the ambitious little
crab by his legs, and pulled him right on down again.

No lid necessary…

…these crabs are self policing, says the fisherman.


It hit me like a ton of brinks!

We all have crabs in our lives.

Think about it…

Who are the people in your life who just seem to
burst your bubble every time you come to them with
a good idea or some exciting news?

Who are the people in your life who are draining and
bring your tone down when you spend too much time
around them.

We all have energy vampires, dream squashes, and
crabs in our lives…

… friends, family, co-workers, employees, business partners,
maybe even clients who are weighing you down, killing your
dreams, telling you it can’t be done, or draining your mojo.

All I could do when I saw those two crabs reach up
and grab the ambitious little crab by the legs and pull it
down was will the little guy to shake those other crabs
off and keep climbing his way to freedom

In my head I was yelling at the little guy: GO, GO GO!


Sadly he did

because that’s what crabs do.

However YOU don’t have to deal with the crabs in
your life.

In fact when I got back home from our vacation I cut out
the crabs and energy vampires out of my life.

Some were old friends from as far back as high school

…others were people I did business with

…and those who I couldn’t cut out completely – I made
sure to limit my exposure to them.

It feels great!

Try it.

You don’t have to deal with the crabs in your life.

Shake’m off.

Surround yourself with pushers…

…people who push you up, challenge you, support your
dreams and make you better.


I believe in YOU.