How To Get Clients Without Marketing

A guest blog post By Mike Whitfield, CTT

This is probably the last place to admit this, but every year, my wife and I spend our anniversary dinner at a place called, “The Melting Pot” where I devour gobs of cheese fondue. Then the next morning, we head over to IHop and I devour pancakes. It’s a weekend disaster, but again, it only happens once a year J

I also don’t like getting pancakes anywhere else. You see, only IHop serves these amazing pancakes they call, “Cinnastack” pancakes. You can’t get these pancakes anywhere else. Other places have perhaps tried, but I know that IHop is the only place I can go and expect the awesomeness every single time.

I actually pass by at least 3-4 places that serve pancakes just to get to IHop. They are so good; I had no choice but to take a photo:

how to market a fitness boot camp

“Did you seriously just take a pic of your pancakes?” Yes, yes I did. That’s how much pancakes mean to me.

Let’s move on. As I drank the syrup and infused gluten into my system, I started to realize that your boot camps and training should be your clients’ “pancakes”.

Let’s take my friend Brian Kalakay for example. He runs a Fit Body Boot Camp in a small town in Lapeer, Michigan. I’ve been there a couple of times to film some workouts with him and Craig Ballantyne. I love getting in the night before because he brings me to his boot camp and his campers are rocking some intense workouts, but I can tell they LOVE being there. Brian and his trainers bring this insane amount of energy, and you can literally feel it when you walk into the place.

And when we go out to grab a bite to eat, it doesn’t even matter where we end up going, Brian is always recognized by someone – he’s like a local celebrity. That’s how much of an impact he has on his town.

Then there are people like Shawna Kaminski who are literally reshaping Calgary due to the popularity of her fitness boot camps. Her clients love her so much that you’ll see photos of them all over Facebook doing their workouts and “tagging” her. Shawna inspires them and has created a community within her boot camp and that’s really how it should be.

Then there is me, in a little town called Dallas, GA. I’ve never done a post card mailing or Facebook ads, or any of that stuff to be honest. I relied on the one thing that brought my clients back over and over, and those were my boot camp finishers – my secret sauce.

After every workout with my clients, I would drain out every last bit of effort they had in them with these short workout “grand finales”. It was the perfect method that not only got them amazing results, but more importantly, it brought me ongoing referrals. I remember having 20 people in my 6AM boot camps in the middle of the summer… and most of those were teachers!

The boot camp finisher would be a superset or circuit of high intense exercise, but my favorite part was the whacky set and rep schemes I would come up with. There’s the density approach, in which you do as many rounds or reps as possible in a certain time frame, the gauntlet method and more.

I knew that no matter how low of a price another bootcamp down the street would go, they couldn’t deliver what I could deliver… which was the best workout grand finales in all the land. It was by far my clients’ favorite part.

I knew my strength was bootcamp workout creation, so I leveraged that to attract more people.

And the best part? It was FREE.

I didn’t have to invest money into post cards that I wasn’t sure would work or anything like that. I simply relied on amazing workouts, with amazing finishers…

Like this one that you can use with your clients:

The Metabolic Spider Gauntlet

Have your clients do the following circuit ONE time, resting for 10 seconds between exercises. During the one minute of exercise, your campers can rest if needed, but the clock will continue to tick.

Spiderman Pushups (as many as possible in 1 minute)

Jump Squat or Total Body Extension (as many as possible in 1 minute)

Spiderman Climb (as many as possible in 1 minute)

KB/DB Swings or Bodyweight Squats (as many as possible in 1 minute)

Now that’s how to end an intense bootcamp workout. Your campers will lose more weight faster, get addicted to working out making them more consistent, and of course, bring their friends and family.

Workout FinishersBy simply plugging in these workout grand finales, my campers came back week after week. I was so excited, I shared these same boot camp finishers with some amazing boot camp owners like John and Cara Eckerman, Steven Hadley, Stephanie Flynn and more to get some feedback.

Let’s just say the finishers are a staple in their workout programs now J

So discover your “Cinnastack Pancakes” and get more clients by delivering what other boot camps won’t.

To your success,

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Creator of the World Famous Boot Camp Finishers


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