Money Does Buy Happiness

Most of the emails and blog posts that you get from me have
to do with helping you grow your business –  fitness marketing – that’s
why you signed up to receive my emails in the first place, right?

However, this email is different, but I think the message in it is
something that will resonate with you.

I spent this past weekend in Denver with the family.
fitness marketing
We went out there to support my pal Craig Ballantyne and his
business partner in Early to Rise, Matt Smith in something
really cool that they did.

Apparently, each year the Denver Toys for Tots campaign run
by the Marine Corps is short by some 85,000 toys.

No bueno.

When Matt and Craig heard about this they reached out to
their friends to come out to Denver and help buy toys from
Walmart for Toys for Tots.

It’s not often that I find myself in Walmart – but this would be
a worthy cause.

The goal for the weekend was to buy $25,000 in toys.

Matt and Craig got the Marines to come out to three local Walmarts
with the biggest trucks they have and our job was to load them up.

Within three hours we had collectively purchased $61,000 in toys,
effectively blowing away the $25,000 goal set my Matt and Craig.

This was a big thing for me becuase back in 1980 when we defected
from Soviet run communist Armenia and came to the United States
my first Christmas gift was something that my folks had gotten from
the Salvation Army.

Had it not been for the Salvation Army, I wouldn’t have gotten a
gift at all that year.

Frankly, that would have been fine with me becuase even at the age
of six I knew that what my mom and dad had done for us by bringing
us to the U.S. was a massive gift in and of itself.

But it was really cool to get something for my first Christmas in

So I have a really good understanding of how these kids will feel
when they get one of the thousands of toys we bought for them
on Christmas morning.

Plus I wanted my kids to experience the joy of giving to others
and helping their community whether local or global.

It’s a value structure that I grew up with and it’s served me well,
and I know it will serve my kids well, too.

And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today…

Listen, I’m an entrepreneur. I enjoy starting businesses and building
them up to massive success.

Creating a better mouse trap and adding value to the industry that
I serve is what I’m good at.

And, to be totally open and honest with you… making money makes
me happy.

There’s nothing wrong or bad about making money – lots of it in fact.

Money is just a vehicle to freedom, that’s all.

Money solves the problem of not having money – and that’s a BIG
problem to have solved.

But above all money buys happiness…


That’s right… money buys happiness.

Because nothing made me happier than flying out to Denver
this weekend and buying eleven shopping carts full toys for the
such an awesome cause.

And nothing makes my life feel more abundant and meaningful
than when we donate tens of thousands of dollars to Shriners
Hospital for Children each year.

And nothing beats the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when we
get letters in the mail from the six children that we’ve adopted
through Compassion International (Thank you Vinny DelMonte
for turning me onto Compassion).
Bedros Keuilian
And let me tell you how happy and at peace I feel when I
know that God forbid, should I die today, that my son and
daughter already have within their core values the need and
desire to help out others in their community and country.

As it turns out – money does indeed buy happiness.

See I have this personal philosophy, and you’re welcome
to adopt it if you think it will serve you well – and it will.

My personal philosophy is that if you are benefiting from the
freedoms, opportunities and liberties given to you by this great
country of ours – then you have an obligation to give back to
it as well.

Now this doesn’t just apply to folks living here in the United States.

If you’re happy with where you live, if your country affords you
the liberties and opportunities that allow you to make the kind of money
that you want…

…and to spend it how you’d like, then you have an obligation
to give back to your country, to the people within it who are less
fortunate, and to the military and individual soldiers who defend
your rights and freedoms.

Not to mention, there’s an actual science to happiness.

I’m convinced, and it’s been measured, that we’re most happiest
when we do for others.

It’s a basic human need I suppose.

Why wouldn’t it be, considering that most people understand
and have compassion.

So go for it!  Make money – lots of it. Do it by serving your community
and by adding value to the people around you.

And if someone ever tells you that you money can’t buy you happiness,
you tell them that it sure can.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. And if you need help making more money – let me know. I’m here
to help you out.

P.P.S. Liberties  plural of lib·er·ty (Noun)

The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions
imposed by authority on one’s way of life.