What You Should Know Before You Do Any Personal Trainer Marketing

I spent the weekend in New Orleans teaching at a personal trainer marketing workshop for fitness trainers who were interested in working with the senior fitness population.

The workshop was hosted by my good friends and coaching clients Dan Ritchie and Cody Sipe.

These guys literally have a PhD in working with and training the senior or boomer population and have a seven figure generating fitness center in Indiana that mainly focuses on this specific ‘niche’

SIDE NOTE: I didn’t know this, but every day 10,000 people turn 65.


What that means is that the NEW affluent mass market that has the disposable income to pay for a premium fitness training program arethe boomers who want to be in their sixties and seventies but feel like they’re in their thirties and forties.

…but that’s a blog post for another day.

What I taught the trainers at this workshop was more than marketing this time.

See, typically I teach marketing, client getting, lead generation, prospecting, list building, and referral generation.

That’s the ‘HOW’… as in, how to get more clients.

But this time I started off with the ‘WHAT’ first.

As in what you need to be and need know.

Without question, the “what” is far more important to your success than the “how”.

So let me take a moment and share some of the “whats” with you here…

What you need are big balls as my friend Rick Kaselj says.

You need big balls to get out and stay out of you comfort zone.

What you need is to crush self limiting doubt and fear.

What you need is a better relationship with money…

…money is not the root of all evil, rather a vehicle to freedom.

Understand that money has not dried up or gone away.

Like my buddy Frank Kern says, it’s just gone from group A to group B.

Money moves and you have to move with it.

What you need is a new life creed that says:

I have a “never give up” attitude”, I live outside of  my comfort zone, I’m a person of action, I thrive on productivity and ruthlessly guard my time, but above  all, I’m a value adder to the folks in my circle of influence.

The “WHAT” is far more important than the “HOW”

But my job here wouldn’t be complete without teaching you the “HOW”…

…as in how to get more clients.


Step 1: Pick a niche. Be a specialist, not a generalist. Who is you ideal client? Identify them and focus on getting more of them.

Step 2: The list is still and always will be king. Separate the prospects from the suspects in your community – then get the prospects on your email list.

(Use This Fitness Email Marketing System for That)

Once on your list boost your likability, credibility and trust factor with your list. Add value, content and entertain as you educate you list.

Then from time to time make them low barrier offers to come and train with you.

Never be that trainers who either sporadically emails his clients and prospects – or worse, only emails to make  an offer and ask for money. Be a value adder first.

Step 3: Have multiple poles in the water – Email marketing,  direct mail offers, Facebook ads and viral traffic, Deal-of-the-day promotions, referral generation contests, and create your local strategic alliances with other businesses in the area who you can refer to you.

Step 4: Never be afraid to sell. If you have a great service and if it truly delivers results then be the best closer you can be.

All the fancy marketing in the world means nothing if you can’t convert a prospect into a paying clients.

And just so you know, the selling starts way before the prospect ever gets in front of you.

You’re selling on Facebook every time you post a comment.

You’re selling on your website, in your email broadcasts, and even to your existing clients – you’re selling them on staying, pay and refer their friends to you.

At least you should be.