How to Get More Personal Training Clients Coming Through Your Door

I’ve been coaching personal trainers for a while now and I get asked a lot of questions on how to get more personal training clients so I’ve come up with at least seven different tips and tactics for you to use when you’re wanting to sign on new clients.

Before I get started, keep in mind that any of these tactics can be used in any personal training business like boot camps, health clubs, and even fitness centers. If you like any of these ideas then feel free to use them because I have over 150 different fitness marketing tips, tactics, strategies, and ideas to help you grow your fitness business.

So, if you want to learn about how to get more personal training clients then check out my list below.

1. Become “that fitness guy” or girl, and be passionate about what you do. Remember that you are changing people’s lives for the better so you should always have high energy and enthusiasm for every person you train. Try to build up your know, like, and trust factor to add more clients.

2. Referrals are really important, so important in fact that you should make giving referrals a condition of doing business with you. Ask for them directly and reward the clients who do bring you referrals. You can even make a show of it and reward your clients in front of other clients so they know what to expect when they bring you referrals. Another thing you can for easy referral generation is to give your new clients or members a certificate to bring a friend along during their first week of training.

3. When you run promotions, offer trials that are low cost and end within a short time frame so you can easily convert these clients to regular ongoing clients. Use my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program, or a 14 day abs and buns promo, or even 7 day fat blasting program.

4. Human Billboards are amazing at attracting clients. How it works: find 20-30 different people who you are willing to train for free or at a heavily discounted rate, and offer to train them in exchange for a few referrals a week. That way you build a client list of people who were personally referred to you. Make sure that your human billboards understand that they need to be actively bringing you leads in order to receive such a high discount.

5. Pound the pavement and do a grocery store tour. This is where you take a group of prospects and leads and conduct a tour of a local grocery store in order to educate them on food nutrition. This shows your prospects that you really care about their nutrition and fitness goals and will further position you as “that fitness guy” in your community.

6. Similar to a grocery store tour, the Lunch and Learn is an awesome way to get the word out about your business, partner up with local businesses, and add new clients. To start the Lunch and Learn process, find and contact the owner/manager of a local business with about 10-100 employees and offer to educate them on nutrition and fitness. Here’s the kicker, BUY THEM LUNCH! Seriously, if you buy a healthy lunch (doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, even sub sandwiches will work for this) for a staff of employees then they will be a lot more likely to listen to your presentation. If the company has closer to 100 clients then break them up into groups and schedule presentations throughout the week. After your presentation, ask for their contact information. By asking for an email address/phone number instead of selling to your audience, you are more likely to gain the trust of the employees that you’re educating.

And that’s it. I really believe that if personal trainers were utilize just one of these fitness marketing tactics, their business will grow tenfold. It’s all about getting out there and making yourself a known fitness force in your community.

Don’t forget to check back here for more tips on how to get more personal training clients.