How to Sell Fitness Better than any Competitor

As a fitness marketing coach, I have a lot of people coming up to me and asking how to sell fitness better than anyone in their market. Well, I have a few tips on selling personal training, but first I want to go over what your competitors are doing and show you how you can easily outsell them in any competitive market.

See, most personal trainers nowadays still sell personal training the old fashioned way and sell single or small fitness packages that only includes 6, 10, 12 hour long sessions at a time. While this is a bad sales system because of the constant selling that a personal trainer has to do and the time it takes to train just one client, it can be great for you and your fitness business. If you know that the personal trainers in your market are guilty of this, then I have a way for you to beat the competition ten fold.

Selling small personal training packages are a complete and total thing of the past. If you haven’t heard by now group training and fitness boot camps are extremely lucrative and I can show you why that is.

Stop One on One Training

If you want to know how to sell fitness in a competitive market than I have a bit of advice that you’ll want to listen to. STOP ONE ON ONE TRAINING. Okay, that might come off a little extreme, but if you really want to know the best and most profitable way to sell fitness, then stop one on one training.

The reason for this is because one on one personal training just doesn’t stack up to group training or boot camp training. With a boot camp or group training, you can craft high intensity workout routines that get results for your clients in half the time. Hour long personal training sessions are a thing of the past, as they should be.

One huge benefit to switching from one one one training to group or boot camp training sessions is the fact that you can charge less per client per month, but profit a lot more because there are a lot more people who you are able to train. It makes so much more sense to charge less and train more because if you were to lose just one of your one on one training clients then you have a bigger void to fill than if one person were to leave your boot camp or group training business. Plus, you can control costs and overhead better because you don’t have to hire a big staff in order to run group trainings.

Group training and boot camp sessions are also a lot more marketing friendly than hour long one on one training because you can tailor your group training to target a specific niche. That makes marketing a lot more effective and brings me to my next point…

Find Your Target Market

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer besides urging you to switch from one on one training to group or boot camp training is finding your niche. Finding your target market or niche is so important to because if you don’t know who to market your personal training to, then you’ll end up having to water down your marketing to the point where no one is interested.

To figure out your target market or niche, think about the group of clients that you like to train. Were you an athlete in school? Why not exclusively train athletes so you can position yourself as the go-to expert on all things athletic. By targeting a specific market you can create a demand for your services. Think about it like this, a doctor who specializes in a certain area of medicine makes four times as much as a general practitioner who sees everyone of all ages so it just makes sense to offer services to a specific group.