Awesome Advice on Starting a Personal Training Business

Before you go out there and try to borrow money you might not have to start up your own personal training business, listen to some of the advice that I’ve laid out for you because I promise you that you can start your own personal training business or fitness boot camp with very little startup cash.

Boot CampGroup Training

The first thing that you want to consider when starting a personal training business is if group training is for you. If you’re the type of personal trainer that loves one-on-one training, then you’re in some trouble here because unless you live in a really affluent area and can afford to charge clients the right amount for your services then you are simply wasting your time.

Group training and fitness boot camps are what personal trainers should focus on when looking to start a personal training business. The reason being is that one-on-one personal training just doesn’t bring in the profit that group training does. Because you are able to charge less and invite more clients to a group training session, you attract clients that wouldn’t normally be able to afford your services.

Be Specific

When you’re starting a personal training business you have to be specific when selecting your ideal market. Generalizing and promoting a personal training service that caters to everyone from 8 to 80 won’t help to bring in clients because your marketing will be all over the place. If you really think about the market that you want to serve, that will help to pinpoint what marketing strategies you should use in your personal training business.

Take stay-at-home moms for an example. If you cater to their specific needs like not having enough time to workout, or fitting back into their favorite skinny jeans, then you’ll be more likely to reach qualified clients who are actually interested in your services. Knowing your niche and what fitness needs they need will help to make your message resonate with more potential clients.

If you chose to market to the entire world then potential clients and prospects will lose interest and most likely feel disconnected to any message that you’re promoting.

Network with Local Businesses

Now that you know what your ideal client base is, you can find local businesses that relate to your market and to help promote your business to your niche. Why would businesses help you out? Because you are going to help them in return.

Helping local businesses that are relevant to your market is what’s going to position you as the fitness expert in your area. Create a promotional offer and ask local businesses if they would mind promoting the offer for you. Train them for free and promise them a cut of the revenue that you get from them referring their clients to you, that way they can trust you to give them something in return. You should be focusing on finding qualified clients anyway, and not just on the profit of the sale.

Here’s how to create the perfect business referral network circle:
– Find local businesses who cater to your specific niche.
– Walk into each business and offer the owners, managers, and staff free membership to your group training or boot camp in exchange for them handing out postcards that include a low barrier offer.
– This works in two ways because now you’ll have more people in your boot camp or group training and they will feel obligated to refer your business because now they’re receiving something for free.
– And for the most important part: tell the business owner or manager that in exchange for the referral cards that they hand out, you plan on referring all of your clients to their business, thus making it a perfect network referral circle.

It’s all about helping other businesses help you. And don’t be afraid of rejection because not everyone will take you up on your offer. You just have to keep at it and never give up, there will be businesses out there who will be thrilled with your proposal because they will recognize the value of helping other businesses.

Now that you have a couple of ideas to get you going, check back here to get more great personal training advice on starting a personal training business.