How to get maximum income per training hour

You’re a lot more like a doctor than you may think…
I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment.
fitness boot camp marketingMaximizing dollars earned per minute (or hours) is
ones of the fastest ways to boost your income.
And if you can leverage that by getting other trainers
to work for you and get them to earn maximum dollars
per hour then your income can grow exponentially.

One of the best tactics to increase your income is by

Specialists in other fields earn substantially more than

general practitioners.
Take doctors for example…

A heart surgeon can earn 3 or 4 times more than a

general practitioner.
120k a year versus 500k+ a year.

That’s pretty substantial wouldn’t you say?

Same goes for attorneys.
Attorneys who practice general law do well.
Attorneys who specialize in criminal defense,
malpractice or what have you earn 3-10X more.
Why does the specialist earn more than the general


Becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight.

One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Evil…

“It’s Dr. Evil, I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical

School to be called “mister,” thank you very much.” Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil is right… when potential clients view you as

an expert; they are willing to pay you more.

Expertise = results.

Another reason specialists can charge more is demand.

Supply and demand.

You need to start thinking about your personal training

business the same way a doctor who specializes does.

By specializing, 3 things occur.

1. You can increase your hourly rate because you are


2. You will be able to attract more affluent clients.

3. You set yourself apart from all the ‘general’ trainers in

your city.

how to market a fitness boot campMost six and seven-figure income earners I know are

specialists. They find a niche and service it better
than anyone else.
They go narrow and deep in a given niche.
They become the ‘go to’ person in their market for
their niche.

How to Become Specialized…

What makes you special?

I’m sure your mom thinks you are special… but it’s

important that future and existing clients know you are
special, too.
Forget about trying to service everyone… it’s impossible.

Worst yet, you will not be able to command a higher hourly

rate by servicing the general population.

Find a niche that you enjoy, master it, profit from it.

Picking a Niche

Which niches earn the most?

Older populations, golfers, and youth performance

enhancement are all booming with specialist trainers.

Find a problem that exists in your local area and solve it.

Your best bet is to pick a niche that possesses a decent population

of affluent people.

Affluent individuals have a healthy surplus of money each month.

Formula for Specialization:

Niche + Affluent Buyers + Lack of Qualified Trainers = Higher Income.

Let’s use golfers as an example of low hanging fruit…

Golfers and golf courses are all around the World.

The average golfer has an annual income of $87,300.

Not bad at all.

Golfers are willing to spend money to improve their

game. As a group, golfers spend $17 billion on golf
equipment and products alone.

That’s a lot of money… in fact, that is more money

than the film and music industry makes during a given

Golf is also a social sport. Golfers talk to each other.

Golfers will refer more golfers (be sure to reward clients
who refer new clients).

So golf fits the formula for increasing your monthly

income pretty nicely.

Take my friend and coaching client Christian Henning

He’s a golf loving freak.
He’ll show up days early to our masterminds just to play
golf in whatever city we’re holding the mastermind
meeting in.
He can talk golf all day long.
He loves training golfers – they have the money
that he commands and they refer their friends to
So he’s made golf fitness his niche and now makes
his golf training program available to anyone thanks
to the reach of the interwebs.
But the lesson in this story is this…
Find a niche, be the best at it, and go narrow and deep.