The Number One Cause Of Failure

If you like good steak… strike that, make that GREAT
steak and you’ve never had Alberta steak (specifically
Rib Eye) then you’re missing out on one of the BEST
steaks on the planet.

I just got back from Calgary, Canadia where Cabel
McElderry and hosted a mastermind weekend with
12 very driven and ambitious fitness trainers and then
took then whole group out to a nice steakhouse for
some proteins.


A couple of these trainers run one on one training,
but most of them either run small group training
sessions or boot camps.

One of the members in the group, a Fit Body Boot
Camp owner, recently ran a promotion and brought
in $85,000 in four days.

That’s $85,000 cash… safe and secure in a bank
account in four days.

(Note to FBBC owners reading this email… you’ll get
that exact promotion to run for the month of November)

Everyone else except for one other trainer in that
mastermind group was blown away by the fact that this
person brought in $85,000 in four day.

In fact when I asked them if they thought it was possible
for them to generate $85,000 in a few days, only one
hand went up.

Everyone else thought that $85,000 in a few days was
impossible for anyone to do.

Now I should tell you that this was NOT a fluke or a lucky
promotion either.

This was the Fit Body Boot Camp Thanksgiving promotion
that we tested out with some of our Canadian locations
since the Canadian Thanksgiving was two weeks ago.

So in addition to this FBBC owner bringing in $85K in a
few days…

another brought in $64K… and another brought in $26K…

and another brought in $62K… and the newest Canadian
Fit body Boot Camp location brought in $9K in four days with
an email list of only 45 people!

Yet some of the newer mastermind members in the group
didn’t believe that they could do the same.

That’s pretty normal thinking for new coaching clients.

The “problem” is their own limiting beliefs about what they
can and can’t achieve.

But all that changed when I spent half of Saturday getting
into their heads about self limiting beliefs.

Self doubt = self sabotage.

It’s like this, up until 1954 no one thought that a 4 minute
mile could be achieved by a runner.

In fact doctors in those days said that attempting to do so
could break bones, tear ligaments and tendons.

Everyone had accepted the fact that the four minute mile
was an impossibility…

everyone except for Roger Bannister who in 1954 achieved
the four minute mile and CRUSHED everyone’s self limiting

Over the next 16 months eleven other athletes achieved the
four minute mile.

How did that happen?

Seeing is believing.

Demonstration of proof.

And limits were crushed.

Listen, I’m gonna tell you what I told our coaching clients
this weekend…

Odds are you are the biggest obstacle stopping you from
achieving the level of success you want for yourself.

Thinking that your business is somehow different, and
that your clients are different, and that your area is different
or that the economy where you live is different is what’s
limiting you.

I know what you’re thinking… “Yeah Bedros, but…”

Look, I coach and consult with fitness trainers from the U.S.
Canada, UK, Africa, Pakistan, Australia, France, Puerto Rico
and there are probably other countries that I left out, and I
can tell you with 100% certainty that people everywhere
want to get fit, lose fat, have more confidence and better

And there are plenty of people out there who will gladly pay
to lose the fat, get fit, and have better health if they actually
believed with 100% confidence that you would deliver the

There are clients everywhere and buyer behavior is the same

Deliver the value, be known for something, show proof that
you are the best at what you do, and for crying out loud believe
in yourself!

Be passionate about what you do. Don’t be afraid to market and
sell your services. People buy from people who are confident
and who believe in themselves.

Crush self limiting beliefs.

Be passionate about what you do.

And get out from behind the computer and get out in front of

Live with passion!


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helping hundreds of people in their community get in better
shape and live a better life. Click here for this inspirational video.