Quality Supplements For Your Clients

Are there specific supplements you suggest that your
clients take to help support their diet and fitness goals?

When my clients would ask what to take to help them
out, I usually suggested four things…

1. Good multivitamins
2. Fish oil
3. Protein (Egg white) but Whey would do
4. A quality protein bar to have on hand as a snack

I noticed that my clients who were prepared and took
their training and diet seriously got the best results.

Bio Trust Supplements

At first I would send my clients to the supplement shop
near by, but soon that stopped because the guy behind
the counter would up-sell them on every BS supplement
under the sun.

Then we started to carry a few supplement products in
each of my facilities but that always created an overhead
and stocking issue…

…we either had too much of something, or not enough.

Like I said, to me it was important to help my clients get
the right supplements because I knew it would help them
reach their goals faster – but I didn’t want to see them get
ripped off, but by inferior products that were loaded with

I’m guessing it’s the same way for you and your clients, too.

Sending your clients to the local supplement shop is a bad
ideas because they’re going to be up-sold on things they
don’t need.

Or they’ll be pitched products that are inferior, but have a
higher profit margin for the store owner – which is not what
you want for your client.

And trying to buy your own stock of supplements is a disaster
because first you have to put the money out before you can
even think about making it back.

Secondly it’s a pain in the butt to have your clients have to
remember to pick up and pay for a new stock each month.

However, there is a solutions to the supplement dilemma…

My friend and Fit Body Boot Camp owner Jeff Sherman brings
in about $1,000 a month in recurring income from supplement
sales alone.

His clients get access to the best formulated supplements on
the planet.

The supplements can only be bought through Jeff and are not
available at a store (so you don’t have to compete on price)

Best off all, his clients just order the supplements that Jeff
recommends from a trusted website and they are drop shipped
right to the clients home each month.

AND Jeff gets a nice check in the mail each and every month
for helping his clients get access to the best supplements ever.

Now I know what you’re thinking….

“Is the some multilevel marketing thing Bedros?”

NO, absolutely not. And if you know me then you know I for one
am NOT into the whole multilevel marketing thing.

In fact I think if you ever want your friends, family and clients to
run the other way when they see you then go into multilevel
marketing…lol 🙂

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Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

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