Personal Trainer Advertising Tactics that Help to Grow Your Personal Training Business

This is an awesome site for anyone just starting out in the personal training industry. Why? Because here is where I share all of my fitness business growing tips and any secrets I may have up my sleeve. And that’s important because I’ve made every mistake under the sun when it comes to starting a fitness business.

The last thing I want is for personal trainers to make the same mistakes that I made in the past. As a personal trainer who has spent the last 15 years in the fitness industry, I know a thing or two about personal trainer advertising and I now want to share some of that knowledge with you.

Over time and by a lot of trial and error, I discovered some of the most effective personal trainer advertising tactics that really work, and the best part is that not many fitness professional know or even use these unconventional methods. So, now that I train and coach other personal trainers I want to share some secrets to some of you who want to make a killing in your fitness business.

Personal Trainer Advertising Secrets

1. Forget about traditional advertising and only focus on direct response marketing. This is important because with direct response marketing you can track which fitness marketing methods worked to bring in new clients and which ones didn’t. Tracking your marketing methods is crucial to your fitness business because when you know what doesn’t work, you can quickly change it to a method that you know works for you.

There is a formula for direct response marketing that you should always follow. Your marketing message should be attention grabbing and interesting as well as invoke a desire in the reader to need your services, and the final part of the formula, which happens to be the most important, is including a call to action. You want a deliberate call to action instead of just an implied offer.

2. Leveraging your time is another extremely important secret that most personal trainers seem to overlook. If you you’re in a position to hire a group of personal trainers, then definitely do so because you’re better off focusing your attention on marketing your fitness business than you are spending your time training.

Don’t worry if you aren’t in a position to hire a team, you just have to make a few adjustments to your schedule to ensure that you are devoting enough time to marketing. Start carving out time in your schedule to focus on fitness marketing and don’t do anything other than outside of lead generation.

You should ultimately try and make it a goal to hire a personal training team, though because marketing is an essential part to growing a fitness business. Devoting a few hours a day on marketing is great and it will help your business grow, but until you (the owner) are solely focusing on marketing then your business might not grow as big as you want.

3. Focus on a mix of traditional marketing and online marketing, but pay especially close attention to online marketing. Traditional marketing like postcards and lead boxes can work to bring in leads and prospects, but online marketing methods reach a much bigger audience. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube help to make your business more relatable to people because they use those websites as well.

One really great low-cost online marketing strategy is using Craigslist to hire “human billboards.” The way that this works is by finding 20 different people through Craigslist to train for free or for a heavily discounted price in a group setting, and then using them as a testimonial. The one condition is that your “human billboards” need to bring in one new lead per week.

The best part about these little secrets is that they are virtually free or low-cost and help to steer your fitness business in the right direction. So, check back here often for more personal training advertising secrets, tips, and tricks.