The Greater Power Of The Whole

This past weekend was the third annual Fit Body Boot Camp
World Conference here in Southern California.

FBBC owners from all over the wold flew in for two days of
networking, learning what’s new and up and coming in Fit
Body Boot Camp, and sharing what’s working for them in their

Whether it’s Fitness Business Summit, or one of my high level
mastermind meetings, or the FBBC World Conference… I’m
always taken aback by the shear knowledge, power, and willingness
of the masses to share.

No one held back.

Every single FBBC owner shared what’s been working for them,
they freely put their challenges on the table and asked for help, and
took away a ton of valuable AND actionable strategies and systems
that they can use to take their businesses to the highest level.

This year we followed a little different format then in years past
for the speaker format.

I thought it would be fun to model the TED talks format.

If you don’t know what the TED talks are, I have a link for you
down below with a killer 18 minute video that will be eye opening
to you about your business and how you SHOULD be selling
your services.

Basically the TED talks are 18-20 minute talks from various people
of all walks of life who have a profound idea to share.

The short format is designed to help the speaker get right to the
meat of the topic – no fluff – no fillers.

This year the following Fit Body Boot Camp owners took the stage
and spoke on one topic that they are “best in class” at.

Cara Eckerman – Shared over 11 referral generation strategies that
she and her husband John use to get boatload of new leads each

The BIG IDEA that Cara shared was to treat each client like you would
treat a guest in your own home and to make referral giving a condition
of doing business with you.
Jeremy Werner – Shared how he runs multiple Fit Body Boot Camp
locations. With four successful locations under his belt Jeremy is the
king of generating high profits and keeping his staff and overhead costs

The BIG IDEA that Jeremy shared was to hire only the best trainers
and assistants and to empower them with more responsibilities so
that you can focus on your highest value activities (H.V.A)

Israel Lobue – Talked about how he hires and trains his assistant
so that he can make her a critical part of his business.

The BIG IDEA in Israels talk was to set the exceptions high from the
get go and make sure to document EVERY single proccess that the
assistant must do on a day to day basis.

Tien Do – shared how his Fit Body Boot Camp location stands out in
his community because if the unique and special client experience
that he and his staff deliver.

The BIG IDEA that he shard with everyone was to periodically show
love to your clients by sending them cool and unexpected gifts and
thank you notes to their homes.

John Eckerman – Shared how he and his wife Cara have created
a tribe like family which has taken their client retention to a whole
new level in their boot camp in Chino Hills.

In fact their business is growing so quickly that they are due to open
their next FBBC location on October 1st in Brea, California.

The BIG IDEA John shared about client retention was to know every
client by name and to take the time to have a meaningful talk with
each client even if it’s only for a minute or two during the boot camp

Rebecca Tabbert – Talked about how to kick the habit of hanging onto
limiting beliefs and negative self talk and how to get into the right mindset
for total business domination.

The BIG IDEA she shard with everyone was that you can’t expect things
to change for you unless YOU make a change in yourself.

Powerful stuff!

Fernando Bonato – Fit Body Boot Camp head business coach Fernando
shared a new custom spreadsheet to help keep your finger on the pulse
of your business.

The BIG IDEA was this… If you don’t know where you’re going, how
are you ever going to get there?

This new custom metrics tracking spreadsheet keep track of set/show/close,
bi-monthly revenue pace, client retention and client attrition. And all types
of graphs and charts to help you stay on course day by day.

Butch Nieves – Shared how he added over $100K to his annual income
with GroupOn promotions.

The BIG IDEA he shard was to have a system in place (which is something
we provide to all FBBC owners) so that you can intake and close deal-of-the-
day buyers without causing a disturbance in your boot camp sessions
or losing people in the proccess.

Toan Bui – Chief of operations and all around awesome guy shared the
ten key strategies to use when crafting and distributing press releases
to get maximum media attention.

The BiG IDEA he shared was the build your entire press release around
one BIG IDEA. How ironic 🙂

Shawna Kaminski – Talked about the main thing that differentiates the Fit
Body Boot Camp workouts from all other workouts and exercises programs
on the planet – The Unstoppable Fitness Formula.

The “secret sauce”.

Sorry, I can’t share the BIG IDEA on this one… it’s proprietary to FBBC.

Jeff Sherman – Talked about how he brings in an additional $30K to $50K
a year in income by offering other value added products and services to
his Fit Body Boot Camp members.

The BIG IDEA he shared was to figure out what else your clients are
looking for in their fitness and fat loss journey and become the source
(provider) of that value.

Josh Carter – Talked about how to use Facebook to sell low barrier offers
to people in your community and how to grow your email list using
social media.

The BIG IDEA Josh shard was to keep our marketing message on
Facebook consistent. Meaning your add should lead to a Facebook
fan page that talks about and offers what you ad did. And the site that
you drive traffic to should talk about and have the same look and feel
as your ad and Facebook fan page if you want maximum lead generation.

Like I said, this was an epic weekend of sharing, learning, networking
and connecting with like minded fitness professional who all share a
common passion… to help others achieve their fitness and fat loss goals
and to create a successful business that gives them financial freedom and
the lifestyle to do the things they want.

Who knows? Maybe next year I’ll see you at the Fit Body Boot Camp
World Conference 😉

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. We’re now taking applications for new Fit Body Boot Camp locations
on the west coast and mid west. To learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp
and see if it’s right for visit

PPS. As promised, Click Here to watch the TED talk I was telling you about
earlier in the email.