Proven Fitness Marketing Systems for Getting New Leads

If you’ve ever sat down and really considered where your best clients are coming from, you might have realized that they all come from existing clients; referrals! The reason why your clients tend to bring you qualified referrals is because those clients already know, like, and trust you. The power of the connection between you and your existing client is passed to their friends, allowing you to skip some of the effort in building that trust.

Email Marketing

The know, like, and trust factor transfers into successful email marketing too. Success through online marketing comes after the client has had time to get know you through the rich content that you provide. This is why newsletters packed with quality information and charming stories work. They add value by offering good information, and they make you seem more approachable.

The Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn is a common approach to gaining clients, and one of the most useful fitness marketing systems. Find local small business (their business cards or websites) with 10-100 employees max, and send them the introduction email that I’ve linked below. Follow up on the email 48 hours later (I’ve linked a phone script below, also.) Please don’t give up if you don’t receive any response after just sending the first email. That email is just a reason to allow you to call the business. The phone call is what seals the deal.

Make sure that you’re approaching business that actually might be interested in taking up your offer for a lunch and learn. Keep in mind that larger businesses and professions where employees think they’re getting sufficient daily exercise just by doing their job probably won’t be an easy sell. It will be a lot harder to get many people, or people who don’t think they need it to come to your lunch.

Once you’re set on booking the lunch and learn with a business, you can let them know that they can bring their own lunch and eat while you teach — or, and what I’d recommend you do, YOU BUY LUNCH FOR THEM!

When you have your group at lunch, you should be educating them on how to read food labels to avoid processed junk, which exercises bring the best results, and why typical cardio routines are some of the most inefficient ways to reach fat loss goals.

Make sure that your presentation doesn’t run too long — 30 minutes or so is good. Have fun, share great information, and be motivating. Then after you’re done, allow them to ask you questions.

Now, instead of making the mistake that many trainers make, do not try to sell them or offer a deal on training just yet. Instead, add value by offering something useful, like a free ebook or fat loss report that you will email to them. So at this point, you can pass around a clipboard and have them write down their first name and email address. Avoid asking for a phone number now, as it might scare them off.

After you get home from your lunch and learn, send email #2 (linked below) to all of these new addresses. This email is all about thanking them for coming to your presentation, and also where you will attach the fat loss report or ebook. The email also offers a free week to try out your training program and receive nutrition consultation.

Running a Lunch and Learn Like This Gets Results

If you have followed these fitness marketing systems that I’ve already laid out for you, then you’ve given these potential clients plenty of time to know, like, and trust you. You’ve bought them lunch, shared great advice about fitness and nutrition, given them a free gift, and made an offer that they can’t refuse.

Click here for your Lunch and Learn email script!