Personal Trainer Sales Script

sales script for personal trainersI have to admit, when I first started off as a personal training (back in 1997) I was really horrible at selling personal training. In fact what I sold was only due to luck and my magnanimous charm… but mostly luck.

By horrible I mean I was awful… really bad… like totally clueless on how to create and deliver a good presentation that would get people excited about my programs and get them to but training from me.

So I used what I had going for me which was my ability to connect with people, the ability to get them to open up, and the fact that I was the best trainer in the entire gym – at least that what I thought and that’s how I carried myself.

Little did I know, that entire proccess was the foundation of Close Clients, my #1 program for trainers who want to know how to sell personal training

Years later when I set out to create a systematized personal trainer sales script that could be used by my entire staff at all of my locations, I had a foundation to go off of.

I explain the five core foundational steps in selling personal training programs in the video below – and below that I break down each step in greater detail.

The first step: Alright, so the first step in selling any kind of fitness program is to be liked by the person who you’re going to be asking to become a clients. So you gotta build rapport and trust. See if the person you’re going to work with doesn’t know, like and trust you then you’re going to have one hell of a time selling them personal training.
Years ago IBM did an internal study that proved that people want to only deal with those who they trust. Study went on to prove that people decide whether they will buy from you or not within the first 70 seconds of meeting you. So establishing rapport is really important in selling your personal training services. In fact it’s the first step of your personal training sales script.

The second step: Probably the most important factor in selling your fitness services is figuring out what people WANT from you when they come in for a consultation or even when call or email to get more info from you. Selling folks what they want is important. But most personal trainers are used to selling the clients what she NEEDS and that create a huge disconnect.

Over the years I’ve probably sat across well over ten thousands clients and I can tell you that 99.8% of them WANTED very specific results – some wanted to burn more fat, others to lose weight, some wanted to build muscle tone or increase their fitness level – but they all WANTED a very specific outcome. how to sell personal training

I know this might sound counter intuitive for you becuase as trainers we’re taught to focus on the clients needs and wants. But the reality of it is that those who are the best at selling personal training are the ones that really ask a lot of questions and figure out what the prospective clients wants from a training program.

The third step: This is a little tricky, but the name of the game is to get commitment. Needless to say no one is going to invest in a program if they are not committed to the program, the outcome, and the money they are going to pay out for it. I’ve tested out a bunch of different ways to get commitment from prospects and the one method that consistently worked the best is getting them to commit to a short term goal that can be met in the next 8-12 weeks.

It makes sense when you think about it… if you are all pumped about achieving a specific fitness goal in the next few weeks then odds are you’re going to commit to the idea and make a purchase decision when asked to, so long as you see value in what’s being offered to you.

The fourth step:
And to that point… value. Most trainers think that cost is the #1 determining factor when someone is looking to buy a personal training program. But cost is not the determining factor at all – it’s VALUE. If you can increase precised value in your program by using the three steps above and delivering a killer trial workout, then you’re going to build a ton of value. And when you build a ton of value then your personal trainer sales script is going to be that much more powerful.

The fifth step: This has got to be the part of fitness sales proccess that was hardest for me to grasp. The close. I’ll make it easy for you to understand since I didn’t have anyone to help me with it. If you’ve done your job right… meaning if you’ve given a great consultation, workout, delivered the value, established the rapport, identified the prospects wants and got them excited and committed to working with you then this next part is EASY.

personal training sales systemMore often than not, fitness pros have a hard time selling personal training becuase we don’t know how to ask for the sale. So in turn you end up kinda implying an offer, fumbling over your words, and feeling awkward when it’s time to ask for payment. In the video above I demonstrate how to ask for the sale and give you the exact script to use when selling your fitness services.

If there was one thing I’d want you to incorporate in your personal training sales system, it’s how to ask for the sale the right way. Like I said, I demonstrate it in the video above for you so be sure to really get that script down.

Now, if you’ve used my Close Clients system before then some of this might be familiar to you. If it is, then I’d really love to hear your feedback. How has Close Clients worked for you? What other approach to selling has worked best in your fitness business?

Leave your comment and feedback below 🙂