How to Market a Fitness Business to The Affluent

fitness marketing ideas for trainers

The video that you’re about to watch is from a paid private workshop I hosted the evening before Fitness Business Summit 12. Since FBS12 the advice and client getting ideas I shared in this video have generated hundreds of new clients and millions of dollars in income for the fitness trainers in the audience.

I don’t tell you this to impress you… I tell you this to impress upon you that what you’re about to watch has been the single biggest breakthrough for many of the personal trainers in the audience who were once struggling to make it in the industry, and now are thriving six figure producers.

It can do the same for you – and you don’t have to pay a dime.

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This is my gift to you. Enjoy 🙂


Marketing as you know it has changed. Getting clients the “old” way is no longer effective.

The people you used to market to can no longer afford your fitness programs. There’s a new market. A bigger market. A market with wealth who can easily afford your fitness services… the affluent.

The Facts About How To Market a Fitness Business To The Affluent…

* Go where the money is
* Find the “new” affluent market in your community
* Stand out with shock and awe
* Raise your prices – change what you’re worth
* Deliver service as though you’re the Ritz Carlton of personal training

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