Three Rules I Live By

99.9% of the time, every decision I make is based on
three simple rules that I have for myself.

Personally I think it’s important to have rules or values
to guide you.

Most people do – they just don’t have them defined.

When we first launched Fit Body Boot Camp back in
2009…with the first 12 months we had set the core
values that define us and that we’d do business by.

Here they are…

1. Inspire fun and deliver happiness
2. Be determined and driven
3. Take pride in ownership
4. Be nimble and decisive
5. Instill confidence
6. Be humble
7. Embrace, encourage and drive change
8. Cultivate a positive team and family culture
9. Exceed the client’s expectations
10. Communicate openly and honestly

Back in 2010 I spoke at Yanik Silver’s Underground Online
Seminar along with CEO Tony Hsieh who also
wrote “Delivering Happiness”… great book by the way.

Tony spoke about the core values that he used to guide
his business. I realized at that point that even though we
didn’t have defied core values… there was a set of rules that
we did business by.

Within a month of my speaking at Underground Online Seminar,
everyone at the HQ came together and we put together the
Fit Body Boot Camp ten core values.

Now for me, on a personal level, I have three rules that I live
and do business by.

Rule 1: Lifestyle First. Money is not my motivating factor for
what I do. Freedom and lifestyle are.

I wake up a 7:30 every morning. I don’t like waking up earlier
than that.

I’ll eat, hang out with my kids for a bit, get my exercise in, and
then slide on into the HQ between 10:30 and 11:00 in the morning
to start working.

I only do the things that are “factory installed” for me and
that I enjoy doing. If I’m not good at it, or if I don’t like doing
it, then I won’t do it.

That’s how I developed the 5/95 rule.

See, I do the critical 5% of the things that I like, that I’m good at,
and that drive drive my business forward.

The remaining 95% of the things that need to get done are
outsourced to my assistant, my staff, or to freelancers.

I won’t take on a business venture just to make more money
if it’s likely to throw my lifestyle off balance.

Rule 2: A Player Only. I won’t do business with, hang out with
or have a friendship with anyone who I don’t feel is an A player.

Making a lot of money does not make you an A player in my book.

I won’t do business with those who are scarcity minded, greedy,
or like to gossip.

I know plenty of people who make good money but are ethically
misguided and morally askew.

Life’s way to short to get involved with people like them.

This past Mach I dissolved a business venture that was estimated to
generate 1.8 million dollars with a VERY well known business and
marketing guru becuase I discovered that his way of doing business
wasn’t inline with mine.

For me it’s not about the money… it’s about lifestyle and doing
business with people I’d also want to be friends with.

Just last year, after spending over $100K dollars and two years
on filming a documentary and getting it ready for release I chose to
shelve the project and dissolve the relationship with my business
partner in the project.

Value misalignment on every level.

To me, an A player is value adder to an industry. An A player is
someone who is beating a new path, reinventing and making
the status quo better.

An A player to me is a pioneer, they keep their word, they don’t
only claim to be positive and optimistic, they prove it by their
actions and the way they live their lives.

That’s the type of person I want to hang out and do business with.

Rule 3: Common Sense Prevails.

This is a simple one. If you lack common sense… we’re not going
to get along well.

These three rules have served me well. Feel free to adopt them if
you’d like.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian